21 Tips to Improve Your Spoken English

Bhavana Sharma, 28/01/2019
21 Tips to Improve Your Spoken English

Learning a language is fun, and more so when you start practicing it by reading or writing it. Practicing speaking English is one of the most interesting ways to get a good hold of the language. Once you start practicing a few words, you can easily improve your communication skills. It would not just build your confidence but help you in the long run. Here are some tips that you can practice in everyday life to improve your spoken English.

  1. Practice makes one perfect! Learn to speak, no matter if your sentences are broken, just practice speaking in English every day.
  2. Befriend a mirror. If you don’t have someone with whom you can practice speaking in English, practice it in front of a mirror.
  3. Play Q-and-A’s. While you practice speaking in English in front of a mirror, try asking questions and then answer it.
  4. Focus on fluency. In the beginning, just focus on how fluent you are. You can fix grammar later.
  5. Ask Google to be your guide. Whenever you hear a new word, just Google it. Or install an online dictionary; this would introduce you to a new word every day.
  6. Try remembering words and how it is used in a sentence. Use it as many times as you can until you learn it for life.
  7. Try using synonyms of words to reduce redundancy.
  8. Leave out the Bollywood drama. Switch to Hollywood movies and read the subtitles if need be.
  9. Read as much as you can. Make a list of your favorite novels or try to read a newspaper, just make sure you read something on a daily basis.
  10. Volunteer to participate in school plays, prepare a presentation, make the maximum of the opportunities you have.
  11. Be a part of the debate club of your school or college.
  12. Listen to podcast. Listen to news or play an audio book or any of your favorite novels.
  13. Try not to speak at a fast pace. Take your time to frame a sentence before you speak.
  14. Maintain a diary. This would help you in expressing your thoughts into words, which would improve your speaking and writing skills.
  15. Surround yourself in an environment that motivates you to speak in English.
  16. Take criticism positively. Take inputs on how you can improve your sentences.
  17. Learn the pronunciation of words. Take help of an online dictionary or ask someone who might know the right pronunciation of a word.
  18. Set short-term and long-term goals. Reward yourself when you achieve them.
  19. Take a weekly test, or keep a track of your progress.
  20. Discover what interests you the most. If its music, you should start listening to English music. If poetry interests you, join a poetry club. If it’s travelling, maybe start writing a travel blog and share your travel experiences with your friends.
  21. Keep a check on your grammar. We might not realize this but sometimes we end up making same grammatical errors over and over again.

In the end, don’t be hard on yourself. Take your own sweet time because you can’t learn a language overnight. At Leverage Edu, we make sure that your learning is accelerated and your career growth is secured. That’s why our well structured programs helps you achieve your goals in a much shorter span. Because when you grow, we grow with you!

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