Having "Clarity of Purpose" in Life.

Vishal Chauhan, 29/05/2019
Having "Clarity of Purpose" in Life.

What is meant by ‘effective living’?

Mohanji: Most of us spend all our time on ourselves — eating, drinking, sleeping, and complaining. We follow the usual pattern of life — a child is born, goes through education, gets a job, marries, builds a house, settles down, and has children and so on.

Effective living is when you live your life selflessly for the sake of the world. So you wake up with a feeling of gratitude, for being born, for being alive. You feel like doing something for the Earth. That itself inspires you to do the right thing, something that’s unselfish.

Once you understand clearly that everything you have is going to be left behind when you die, including your body, you will want to contribute more and more to the world. That can earn you much more grace, spiritual revenue and energy.

Usually, we go to a place of worship or to a spiritual master to ask for something to be happy. We complain that we don’t have enough. By doing so we are actually living in poverty consciousness.

We hardly appreciate that we are alive, that our stomach is working all right, we have food to eat, a place to sleep. We expect too much but don’t give anything back. Your effective years are when you don’t need anything from outside; instead, you decide to give everything to Earth. Jesus Christ had about eight effective years and the intensity of those years led to the birth of Christianity. Shirdi Sai Baba’s whole existence was effective. He hardly did anything for himself. There are many such masters in India.

If you start creating effective years in your life, even effective hours, it will make a big difference. You will stop asking for anything. You will not entertain poverty-consciousness. Instead you will say ‘Thank you, I am grateful; thank you for this incarnation, for allowing this existence’. So all things you say will be positive and purposeful.

If you really think you are a citizen of the country, you will think how much you are giving to the country, not how much you are taking from it.

With purpose comes passion, meaning, power of action. If you are clear about what you want to do in life that is motivation enough, other people’s opinions don’t matter. That kind of motivation is what drives all these masters. That is what creates legacy.

And self-motivation should begin with self-acceptance. Accept yourself as a pure, simple incarnation. We all have a lot of good and bad in us, it is fine. Then your purposefulness will shine forth and you will have a passionate life, a life of power. So, effective years are important.

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We often listen to so many motivational talks, but forget them the moment we return home. How to make sure that we action what we learn?

This is a pattern. We all are preoccupied with our lives. Our karmic push is so compelling that often; we cannot escape from our family, relationships and responsibilities. Look at these as part of a whole, everything is combined, in which you are a witness, an observer, that whether you are deeply involved, or you are looking at it with a sense of ownership or not, the show goes on. This is when you start connecting to something which is running the show. You start understanding that whether you exist or not, life is going on. That level of awareness is enough to be able to go beyond everything and stay afloat, which is the most important thing.

Spirituality is not about diverting your mind towards something you think is right; spirituality is total acceptance. You are being you with all your weaknesses and strengths. The moment you take that decision, immense power is born inside. Sometimes I do not like what I see in me — the habit of procrastination, for example. I am not proud of it.

Procrastination is a clear sign that the purpose has to be fine-tuned. Do not fight procrastination. What was the driving force behind the Buddha or Jesus? It was clarity of purpose. ‘I am going to do something in the big wide world and mark my presence’ that purpose is enough, the more selfless it is, the more powerful it will become. When we fight procrastination, it is only going to intensify, because you are actually energizing it. Instead, just ignore it. ‘I am lazy today, no problem.’ Don’t resist it. Enjoy it thoroughly. Next day, you feel like being active. Enjoy that, too, thoroughly. Everything starts with acceptance. And acceptance without expectations will make you powerful. All successful people have done only one thing, they accepted themselves as they were, that made them believe in themselves, that gave them power of action, a sense of purpose and history was made.

What would you advise the newly-elected leaders of India?

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Everyone wants to come to India because they respect our culture, tradition and our spiritual heritage. These have to be conserved. In America, even small structures of historic importance are well maintained.

We have never thought of anything as being superior or inferior. We have 33 crore gods, meaning 33 crore expressions, deities, and nowhere does it say that Shaivism is better than Shakti worship, for example. Jainism, Buddhism and Sikhism had their genesis in India’s spiritual traditions. We have Kamasutra as well as Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras; we accept all schools of thought. When we are against something, it means we are not aligned.

What you take from this nation, you might hold it for some time, but it will soon be gone, but what you deliver to this nation, lasts forever. So deliver the best, wherever you are, so that we can stand together as a purposeful society.

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Having "Clarity of Purpose" in Life.

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Most of us spend all our time on ourselves — eating, drinking, sleeping, and complaining. We follow the usual pattern of life — a child is born, goes through education, gets a job, marries, builds a house, settles down, and has children and so on.


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