How To Bust Stress During Pregnancy?- Karsoo

Bhavana Sharma, 03/10/2018
How To Bust Stress During Pregnancy?- Karsoo

If you arejust too much worried about pregnancy and all your time is spent in lots ofstress, you should stop worrying and start figuring out what you can do to bustall that stress. And, yes, remember that you are not alone in this and thereare lots of others who feel the same way. Stress is common in pregnancy and itis something normal that happens to just about everyone.

Remember,however, that when you are stressed about pregnancy and giving birth, theincreased levels of cortisol and adrenaline in your body stay and the situationmay lead to declining health as well as other development problems in the fetuslike ADHD or impaired cognitive development. That means, it’s something seriousand you must make sure that your chronic day-to-day stress should be kept tominimum. For keeping yourself stress-free, happy and healthy in pregnancy, herewe have a few tips that you need to take a look at.

1.      Try To FeelGood About Your Pregnancy

Yes, afeel-good factor about your pregnancy is all that you need for ensuring thatyou can bust all that stress effectively. Obviously, there are quite a fewthings that you can try out to think positive. For example, you can try to findout facts about your pregnancy. A good way to do that would be to use a conception calculator that tells you exactly when you had got pregnant. Similarly, youcan try using online tools that suggest when you are due. Every single bit ofinformation can help. Alternately, you may even like to check out some cutephotos of babies and imagine what your baby is going to be like. There can bemany more things that you can figure out but these two can, at least, give youa starting point.

2.      ConcentrateMore On Breathing

Stressoften affects breathing to a great extent. It may result in you taking shorterand shallower breaths which can actually decrease the supply of oxygen in thebody. As a result of the shallow breathing, the stress levels can be expectedto rise further. So, you need to do something to stop this vicious cycle. Agood way to handle it is, however, focusing more on breathing and starting tomeditate.

In timesof stress, it is advised that you should lie down or sit somewhere, close theeyes, and take 5 deep breaths at least. Inhale air using your nose and thenexhale it through the mouth. Try relaxing while breathing and the stress willsurely go away.

3.      StretchingCan Be A Quick Remedy

Your bodyreleases cortisol and adrenaline hormones when you’re stressed and it may leadthe muscles to become tightened and tensed up. So, you should stretch your bodyto counteract the tightness and it will help you reduce the stress as well. Youcan try stretching different parts of the body like your arms, neck, back, orlegs. While stretching, make sure that you are taking deep breaths for bettermuscle relaxation. It will certainly help relieve the condition.

4.      Take LotsOf Rest

When youare not getting enough sleep, it is common for your mind and body to becomeexhausted. As a result, your negative thoughts can increase and your emotionscan become negative as well. This, obviously, increases your stress further.

So, bettertake lots of rest. If you find it hard to sleep at night, you should take a napin the day. Believe it or not, even a 20-minute quick cat-nap can do wondersfor relaxing your mind and body.

5.      Get AMassage For De-stressing Yourself

Similar tostretching, getting a massage can also be quite helpful in relaxing the musclesand relieving stress while you are pregnant. It is recommended that an oilshould be used for massaging as it can help in reducing friction during themassage. Only a few squirts sprayed on to the palm would do and you shouldgently massage the tense muscles of your body with soft and kneading movements.Keep your focus on breathing as well and you will definitely feel the stressgoing away.

So, if youhave been looking for the best stress busters that can help you get rid of anykind of stress whatsoever during pregnancy, these top 5 ways are surely goingto help. Yes, of course, there can be lots of other options you can try as wellbut these listed here really work and have been proven to relieve stress. Justgive them a try.

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