Kohli Paine making headlines after word Clash

Bhavana Sharma, 22/12/2018
Kohli Paine making headlines after word Clash

Duringthe second test between Australia and India both the counterparts exchangedheated words which they later claim to be “competitive banter.”
Sledding, heated arguments and things are a common thing between teamsespecially when a specific team is losing.
So what happened at Perth during the second test made fans go all crazy. Allthe cricket fanaticsworldwide discussed and to some extent enjoyed after all it was a competitivebanter.
Tim Paine who is captaining his side in the series said in an interview beforethe series: “gaining the respect of our country and fans is an as high priorityas winning.”
Australia is playing test series at their home after the ball-tampering scandalin South Africa.
India has already won first test match while Australia was in a comfortableposition to win and level series.
It all started on day three between the two captains when Australia was battingin the second innings.
Here is what happened between the two:
Things began to heat when an appeal against Australian Skipper Paine was turneddown by the umpire.
Walking past Paine, Kohli said to his teammates: “If he messes it up, it isgoing to be 2-0.”
To which Paine replied: “You have got to bat first, big head.”
Same continued till day four when Australia was in a good shape.
The stump microphone recorded verbal exchange between the two when theycollided.
Kohli once again started the conversation while Paine was taking quick singleby saying: “I am not saying a word to you, why are you getting riled up?”
Paine: “I am fine. You are the one that lost it yesterday, why are you tryingto be cool today?”
Seeing this rift, on-field umpire Chris Gaffaney intervened to resolve theissue but Paine did not want to let it go easily.
Gaffaney tried to cool down both by saying: “Oi, that is enough, that isenough.”
Paine continued and said: “We are allowed to talk.”
Gaffaney: “Nah, Nah, come on, play the game. You guys are the captains.”
Paine tried to create matter worse by responding to the umpire and said: “Wecan have a conversation… there is no swearing, no…”
Gaffaney: “Tim, you are the captain.”
Paine: “Keep your cool, Virat.”
Virat did not believe in dragging the word fight and only ended up with anironic smile.
However late on, when the match was finished with Australia leveling the serieswith the help of victory, Indian skipper prompted that all the conversationswere in competitive spirit.
He added that there was nothing serious between the two. “As long as there isno swearing the line does not get crossed and no personal attacks” added Kohli.
India lost the match by 146 runs. Kohli further added that what happened on thefield should stay there. He said: “Stumps, mics and cameras, these things aretotally irrelevant, it stays on the field.”
On the other hand, Paine said: “It was highly competitive Test match from bothteams and there was a lot on the line, with both teams desperately wanting towin.”
He further added that he loves Virat’s passion for the game and stated: “It wasnot to me, I love it and I am sure it was great to watch.”

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