Nvidia GTX 2080ti : Worth the money or just an update?

vishal chauhan, 18/10/2018

It has been over two years since NVIDIA released itsPascal GPU architecture into the market and it has, for all intents andpurposes, lead the way in graphics performance in 3D games during thattime.  When Pascal-based video cards (10 Series) hit the store shelves, itmarked a notably different architecture in 14/16 nm FinFet and a significantreduction in power consumption for the same or greater performance. Today marksthe release of NVIDIA’s latest video card and architecture in the Turing-basedRTX GPUs. The RTX family will consist of the RTX 2070, RTX 2080, and RTX 2080Ti initially. In a departure from past releases, consumers will be able to gettheir hands on the RTX 2080 and current flagship RTX 2080 Ti at launch with theRTX 2070 available a short time later.

NVIDIA introduces RTX-OPS with the new GeForce RTX 20 series graphics cards, away of measuring its ray tracing performance as well as Giga Rays/s to confuseus all. The new flagship GeForce RTX 2080 Ti is a freaking beast with 10 GigaRays/s and 78T RTX-OPS with 11GB of GDDR6, while the RTX 2080 is knocked downto 8 Giga Rays/s and 60T RTX-OPS and 8GB of GDDR6, while the RTX 2070 thatcomes out next month will have 6 Giga Rays/s and 45T RTX-OPS with 8GB of GDDR6.

So what do we think about NVIDIA’s new Turing basedcards?  it is complicated and depends on how you view a couple of factors.One thing we didn’t mention until now (listed in the specifications though) wasthe price. The cost for a Geforce RTX 2080 will run users $699 for thereference card or $799 for the Founders Edition. The RTX 2080 Ti starts off at$999 for the reference model and $1199 for the Founders Edition (FE) we tested.

But this isn’t a card for you or me; nobody’s readinga review to see if they want to buy the RTX 2080 Ti. If the spare cash isalready floating around in your bank account then the card arguably sellsitself. Nothing Nvidia or AMD will do in the next year is going tosignificantly better the performance of the RTX 2080 Ti, and what itoffers is only going to get more tantalizing. So if you want the best Nvidiahas made you an ultra-enthusiast card to fit the bill, and the FoundersEdition, this time around, is arguably the most impressive of those on offer.

Nvidia GTX 2080ti : Worth the money or just an update?

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