Waiting for Gully Boy? These 10 Underdog Movies Will Get You HYPED.

Vishal Chauhan, 08/02/2019
Waiting for Gully Boy? These 10 Underdog Movies Will Get You HYPED.

Here’s the thing, life as we know it, it is hard. Everyone’s fighting with one thing or the other, and everything you do is a battle. Nothing comes easy, and things that do come easy leave you in a pool of self-doubt. It isn’t a surprise then that millennials are increasingly finding voice in films that talk about these struggles. With films like Gully Boy coming up, the air is streaked with a sense of excitement and viral energy, because we all so firmly believe “Apna Time Aayega”.

Anyway, if you’re like me and have at this point memorised all those songs (what an album!!), kill some time and prep yourself with these Bollywood underdog films. While Bollywood is, most times, superficial and animated, sometimes it does hit reality. The reality of people like us - with big dreams and bigger hearts. Who knows, maybe a movie or two, a little dose of encouragement, and we might just make it, huh?

1. Mary Kom (2014)


Described by critics like Subhash K Jha as a “motivational masterpiece”, this film saw one of the greatest weekend box office openings for a female lead. Based on the life of one of India’s leading names in boxing, the film has you rooting not just for Mary Kom (who became a household name after the film, even though she had a number of incredible accomplishments to her name already), but also, for hardworking common people who may not have been served with privilege at birth, but fight to death to make the best of themselves anyway.

2. Taare Zameen Par (2007)


Made of stone is the man who did not cry big tears of relatability watching this beautiful film. Everything from the direction to the acting (it is kinda really good) grabs you by the very heart. How many people do you know who wanted to be painters or singers or writers - but got stuck taking up things their parents thought they should do? How many children have you met who didn’t excel at traditional school but are brilliant brains anyway? This timeless film is basically the movie-version of Albert Einstein’s memorable quote: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Miss it for basically nothing.

3. Guru (2007)


The story of a middle-class man with big dreams and a fire to achieve them. What’s better? He doesn’t just stop at success, but is driven to give back to everyone who helped him get there. It is essentially the kind of drive most of us sitting behind desks aspire to have (hey, its not an attack if I include myself!) Jokes apart, the brilliant cinematography, and of course, Ser Rehman’s tunes get you all charged up, ready to take the world by the collar. Don’t be surprised if you walk into office the next day feeling like “Guru Bhai Guru Bhai” is your own life’s background music. Personally, I think God should have given us all a life OST, but anyway, I digress.

4. Lagaan (2001)