What is DMCA ? How to write DMCA notice ?

Bhavana Sharma, 29/10/2018
What is DMCA ? How to write DMCA notice ?

No work is small, every one put all their efforts in whatever they are doing and one should value all the work done by them. When it comes to blogging, the key behind a blog’s success is unique and creative content and it is obvious that no one will appreciate it if someone will copy your content.

But now you can track and find out that who is copying your content and once identified you can file DMCA on them. But before looking at how one can apply for DMCA, let us check out what it is actually.

What is DMCA ?

DMCA stands for Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, and represented in the form of legal framework in digital marketing field. It can be also addressed as the copyright for content.

The main reason behind using DMCA protection is to protect your content from content thieves, you can easily monitor your pages and it is one of the most effective way to apply copyright to your page.

The DMCA not only protects the content from getting stolen, but it also protects copyright owners as well as the internet service providers. Let us checkout how it provides protection in both the sectors.

  1. Copyright owners:

The copyright owners can use DMCA protection scheme in a very easy and simple way. The can get their content removed from all those websites where they don’t want to see content written by them or their team. In order to do this, the copyright owners need to send a DMCA takedown notice to that specific ISP hosting the content.

  1. ISPs:

Located in United states, those ISPs, that includes email provides and search engine also get the benefit of DMCA. If they are careful and happily follows the DMCA notice, then they will be safe from facing penalty charges or facing other negative situations.

Moving forward, let us see how one can write a DMCA notice:

How to write DMCA notice ?

Follow the steps below if you want to send DMCA notice to anyone:

  1. The very first thing that is mandatory and required is physical or electronic.
  2. All the information regarding the content that is copied with its actual URL of the website.
  3. The URL of the website where the content is copied and uploaded.
  4. Contact information of the person who is applying for DMCA.
  5. A good reason and solid proof that it was your content that is copied.

About DMCA Protection Badge

If you want to add DMCA protection badge to your website to keep it safe from thieves, then visit the official website of DMCA that is dmca.com. There you will find an icon that can put on your website and once it is placed, thieves will think twice before copying your content. If your website is built on WordPress then you can use a plugin that provides you a protection badge.


Never let any one copy or stole your efforts, what yours is yours. Apply DMCA protection badge on your website now and protect it.  

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