8 Fantastic Gift Wrap Ideas Right Way To Use Gift Wrap Boxes

Bhavana Sharma, 06/12/2018
8 Fantastic Gift Wrap Ideas Right Way To Use Gift Wrap Boxes

Right Way to Use Gift Wrap Boxes:

Christmas is right around the corner and we hope you bought most of the gifts during the Black Friday sales. It is now all about packing your gifts in beautiful ways so that they can be presented to the loved ones elegantly. Not only is a beautifully wrapped gift worth the effort but you will be remembered for a long time doing this as well.

Different people employee different methods of making their gifts look good. Gift Wrap Boxes are not only one of the most efficient solutions but are also the most affordable. Beautiful Wrap Boxes are available in many designs, when you want to attach emotional touch with your gifts, making them yourself is the best option.

They say gifts are priceless and when you show the effort to your loved ones, their value gets enhanced all that much. Here are few outstanding Gift Wrap Storage Boxes or any purpose Wrap Boxes for gifts ideas that will make your gifts look great this Christmas:

1: Natural Green Gift Wrap Touch

Who doesn’t appreciate a natural organic touch with their gifts right! Christmas naturally involves that tree we are all fond of. You can replicate that particular idea with your red wrapped gift boxes and using some natural organic green bits from a Christmas tree. Pluck a small piece of green from that tree and make a beautiful round circular piece from it. Attach this on top of your boxes and your Christmas special gift-wrap box will be ready to be presented to that loved one.

2: Funny Monster Wrap for the Kids

Got kids in the family? Surprise them with a beautiful funny monster style gift-wrapping. You will need all your creativity skills for this one. Get lots of different colored papers and start drawing on them. Draw and cut your funny monster’s eyes, mouth, even teeth where required and also make his face features. Select lighter color tones for the backside plain paper sheet and darker ones for face features for the monster or vice versa. The point is to make your monster’s features as visibly obvious as possible. Making that long tongue using a red colored paper or give it Dracula teeth with white cut paper shape. Whichever funny monster you want; make a drawing of it first on a plain paper to have a base to work from.

3: Miniature Paper House Gift Wrap Boxes

If your kids or even adult loved ones in their younger years loved dollhouses lots, you have a perfect opportunity to gift wrap their gifts. This idea involves some of the best crafting skills.

  • You can get dollhouse or just regular houses templates in all sizes from the Internet
  • Having gotten one that suits your tastes and downloaded it for printing, adjust its size to your liking as well
  • You can use both cardboard or drawing paper sheet that is thick and sturdy for this little house style gift wrap box idea
  • Print the house template on the paper or cardstock and cut it out using scissors, craft blades or whichever tool you are comfortable with

Once finished, you house style Wrap Boxes for gifts will provide ample space on the inside and beautiful visuals on the outside.

4: Pictures for Emotion Attached Gift Wraps

Are you gifts for some of the special loved ones in your life? There is nothing better sharing than good old memories for many people. Get your favorite pictures with the loved ones printed on picture paper and wrap your gifts just as you would normally in boxes or wraps. Now, use ribbons or colorful tie strings to tie these pictures up on top of the boxes making them visible easily in their entirety. Before opening the box, your gift recipients will appreciate your efforts with this emotionally brilliant wrapping idea. After opening the box, they can enjoy the gift to its full extant.

5: A Jewelry Box Made from a Nutshell – Literally

Yes, you read this right. With the right creative techniques, even materials and stuffs from the bin can become artistic. If you can get a large walnut, you can use it as a quite surprising and unique jewelry box. You will need:

  • A large peeled and cleaned out walnut
  • Some strong glue
  • Glitter and small thin paper foam
  • A ribbon to tie the walnut up

You would’ve guessed it by now. Apply the glitter mixed with glue to the inside walls of your walnut. Place the small thin paper foam on top of it and rest the small jewelry item on it. Close the walnut with glue and top it off with the ribbon. Be sure to let your loved knows that its valuable. You wouldn’t appreciate it being discarded away as nothing but a nut after all.

6: Bird Feathers for Gift Wrapping

From a poet’s finest words to today’s modern day, bird feathers have looked good and will continue to look good forever. If you can find yourself some awesome condition multicolored bird feathers, glue them on top of your plain gift box. You will not need any other embellishments for this gift-wrap box. Whether you need Gift Wrap Storage Boxes with feathers or ones that just get straightforward gifted, these will look great in all scenarios.

7: Colorful Yarn Gift Box Boxes

Do you have some good old yarn thrown away in the closet? Find as many different colored pieces of yarn you can. Tie them up across the top of the box going right over the whole box. Create a colorful pattern and tie all ends in a way that there is a bit of color to be visible on each of them. If you had used smooth one-tone colors for your box wrapping paper, this colorful yarn will make the whole thing look vibrant.

8: Good Old Ribbon Decorations

Gift Wrap Boxes are often not complete without any sorts of ribbons on them. When nothing else is available, be creative as much as you can with your ribbons. Create attractive shapes, colorful ribbon patterns or whichever designs that suit your taste. Your wrapped gift boxes will never fail to provide an outstanding look with dear old ribbons.

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