Bigg Boss 12: Anup Jalota Ends Relationship With Girlfriend Jasleen- Karsoo

Bhavana Sharma, 04/10/2018

Anup Jalota said a final farewell to Jasleen Matharu on day 15 of their stay in the Bigg Boss as she declined to surrender her garments, cosmetics and hair to spare him from the assignments.

Bigg Boss 12 took an extraordinary turn on day 15 as Anup Jalota finished his association with Jasleen Matharu over an assignment. As a major aspect of an assignment, Dipika Kakar had hijacked Anup Jalota and had requested that his accomplice Jasleen forfeit her cosmetics, garments and her hair as payoff. Since Jasleen declined to part with her things and hack her hair to medium length, the jodi was named for ousting amid the forthcoming end of the week. 

Bigg Boss 12: Anup Jalota Ends Relationship With Girlfriend Jasleen- Karsoo
The following jodi to confront the warmth was Deepak-Urvashi. Karanvir Bora grabbed Urvashi and requested that Deepak shave his head and hands as payment. As Deepak could play out the undertaking appropriately, Karanvir was selected for expulsion.

The second jodi to play out the undertaking was Sourabh-Shivashish. Shrishty, from the singles group, grabbed Sourabh and requested that Shivashish shave his head and facial hair, decimate their dresses alongside Sourabh's own photos consequently. Be that as it may, Shivashish arranged and was permitted to keep two sets of his apparel in the event that he likewise gives away his aroma bottles. Be that as it may, when Shivashish assembled his things for forfeit, Shrishty pulled back her interest and settled on her own designation. This did not run down well with Shivashish, who got irate and soon a battle began between the two.
Afterward, Shrishty was seen crying in bed while Sourabh attempted his best to influence Shivashish to comprehend her demonstration of thoughtfulness, however futile. 

After Shrishty, Sreesanth additionally stuck to this same pattern and got himself assigned also. He had hijacked Saba Khan and had asked her sister Somi Khan to hack her tresses and demolish their garments. Be that as it may, when Somi argued for benevolence, he enabled her to simply forfeit an inch of her hair. As she played out the errand and figured out how to fulfill Sreesanth's solitary interest, the previous cricketer proceeded to join the designation list. 

In the interim, Nehha and Sreesanth fixed up as the last pardoned her for the 'psychological quality' comment. 

The scene proceeded on Day 16 as Bigg Boss respected the morning with the enthusiastic number, Beedi Jalaile. The day saw enough firecrackers with the extending fracture among Jasleen and Anup Jalota other than Shivashish and Shrishty. 

In the wake of offering his sentiments to the house prisoners, Anup Jalota at long last reported his separation with Jasleen amid breakfast. He said as Jasleen offered inclination to her garments and make-up over him, the relationship has neglected to stand the trial of time. While most of the candidates attempted to persuade him to not cancel their relationship of three years over an undertaking, Surbhi voiced her help of Anup Jalota. 

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As Jasleen cried unendingly, Anup Jalota shared how he sat tight ideally for her to come and offer her effects to save him. He attested that there was a shot of Dipika dropping her thought ultimately as a token of kindness. At long last, he wished Jasleen best for her future undertakings and declined to reexamine his official conclusion. 

In another continuous fight, Shrishty and Shivashish had been provoking each other through Bollywood melodies. In any case, the last went too far by manhandling her and this prompted an all out war between the two. Unfit to stop her tears, Shrishty thumped on the Bigg Boss' entryway and encouraged to go out. Indeed, even after various endeavors by a few house prisoners to persuade Shivashish to fix up with Shrishty, he declined to move. The scene finished with Jasleen and Shrishty crying miserably as the house detainees alternated to comfort them.

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