CJI Row: Delhi Police Detains Protesters Third Day in A Row.

Vishal Chauhan, 10/05/2019
CJI Row: Delhi Police Detains Protesters Third Day in A Row.

Protesters were detained from Central Delhi’s Mandi House on day 3 of protests against the alleged failure of “due process” in the CJI sexual harassment case.

It is reported that at least 100 people have been detained and were taken to Mandi Marg Police Station. On Tuesday, a total of 52 women activists and lawyers were detained from outside the Supreme Court and were released after almost 3.5 hours.

Delhi Police PRO Madhur Verma told The Quint that the women were detained because Section 144 CrPC is always in place in Central Delhi. Verma claimed that the Delhi Police had initially asked the women on 7 May to move the protest to Jantar Mantar as it is the designated site for protests.

(Photo: The Quint)

(Photo: The Quint)

(Photo: The Quint)

(Photo: The Quint)

(Photo: The Quint)

(Photo: The Quint)

2:45 PM, 10 May

Detained Protesters Released

At least 100 protesters, who were detained from Mandi House on Friday, 10 May, have been released from Mandi Marg Police Station. One of the protesters who was detained said that every single process seemed to be designed to close the matter and shut down as soon as possible.

“This is absurd, disgusting,” he said, adding that large number of enforcement resources were mobilized and at least 120 protesters were detained within half an hour of the protest being started.

1:23 PM, 10 May

Protesters Detained by Delhi Police from Mandi House

Amid heavy security by Delhi Police in the national capital, women held protests for the third day in a row. After two warnings, the police detained women protesters from Mandi House, and it is reported, they were being loaded in a bus and taken away to Mandi Marg Police Station again.

It is reported that at least 100 protesters have been detained. It is also reported that one of the protesters was hurt.

The women protesters continue to protest outside Mandi Marg Police Station.

https://images.assettype.com/thequint%2F2019-05%2Fa2f1a30a-43e3-462f-b73b-7adf158c36f9%2Fcji1.jpg?q=35&auto=format%2Ccompress&w=1200(Photo Courtesy: Twitter/#MeTooIndia)

https://images.assettype.com/thequint%2F2019-05%2F6facedc7-7422-47ca-b5a0-24a43d4ec51d%2Fcji.jpg?q=35&auto=format%2Ccompress&w=1200(Photo Courtesy: Twitter/#MeTooIndia)

6:05 AM, 09 May

Injustice Done to SC, Complainant in Case Against CJI: Shourie

The Judges of the In-House Inquiry Committee of the apex court, which gave clean chit to Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi on the allegations of sexual harassment against him, has done grave "injustice to the complainant, the CJI and the Supreme Court as an institution," former Union Minister Arun Shourie said on Wednesday.

Shourie alleged that the members of the inquiry panel were acting as the "members of a club".

"In the current controversy in sexual harassment allegations made against the CJI, the three judges who were asked to investigate the matter have behaved like the members of a club. They have done grave injustice to the complainant, the CJI and to the Supreme Court as an institution," he said.

2:26 PM, 08 May

On Day 2 of Protests against Clean Chit to CJI, Cops Detain 17 Activists Citing Sec 144

Around 17 people were detained from Central Delhi’s Rajiv Chowk on day 2 of protests against the alleged failure of “due process” in the CJI sexual harassment case.

https://images.assettype.com/thequint%2F2019-05%2F55e7000a-2d20-44f4-9d71-46eeb6131feb%2FWhatsApp_Image_2019_05_08_at_12_30_56_PM.jpeg?q=35&auto=format%2Ccompress&w=1200(Photo: Acquired by The Quint)

https://images.assettype.com/thequint%2F2019-05%2Fdf812ac4-2354-45a2-81ec-27a199659600%2FWhatsApp_Image_2019_05_08_at_12_30_57_PM.jpeg?q=35&auto=format%2Ccompress&w=1200(Photo: Acquired by The Quint)

8:00 PM, 07 May

Allegations against CJI Must be Investigated Fairly, Independently: Oxfam India

Oxfam, an NGO working towards eliminating poverty and inequality in India, released a statement on the recent clean chit given to CJI Ranjan Gogoi in a sexual harassment case.

Women survivors face huge barriers to reporting sexual violence and harassment in India, Oxfam said in the statement.

“Oxfam India firmly believes that given these serious concerns around due process, and the imbalance of power, the concerns of the complainant must be taken seriously, and an independent investigation be ensured,” the statement added.

6:27 PM, 07 May

'No Justice without Fair Hearing': Women Rights Activists on CJI Probe

Calling it a “dark and sad day”, over 300 women activists and civil society members on Tuesday, 7 May, rejected the findings of the in-House Justice Bobde Committee that had dismissed the allegations of sexual harassment against CJI Ranjan Gogoi.

In a statement, titled ‘Supreme Injustice’, the activists said that if the SC, an institution that is supposed to be the "moral exemplar" to the nation, acts in this way, then how one would expect other institutions to act differently.

"We stand in solidarity with the complainant. We vehemently reject this conclusion as it has been arrived at without adherence to norms of a fair and independent inquiry,” the statement said, as per.

4:47 PM, 07 May

'Have a Right to the Report': Complainant to SC Panel Probing Allegations against CJI

Responding to the findings of the In-House Committee probing allegations of sexual harassment against CJI Ranjan Gogoi, the woman complainant, in a letter, said that she was "shocked" that the Committee found "no substance" in her complaint and affidavit.

“I am shocked that Committee has come to an adverse finding against me despite the fact that I was compelled to withdraw from the Committee since the committee did not observe even the most basic principles of natural justice,” she said, in the letter.

She also demanded a copy of the report submitted by the Committee.

“I have a right to the report, the reasons for the same as well as copies of the depositions of any witnesses, any other persons or any other evidence considered by the Committee. Besides this, as is being reported by the media, if a copy of the report is being given to the CJI directly or indirectly, I am entitled to a copy thereof in any case,” she added.

3:40 PM, 07 May

‘Travesty of Justice’: NLU Student Consortium Slams SC

“We, as students of law at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore, and as equal stakeholders in the legal community and its future, fully condemn the brazenness of the arbitrary exercise of power displayed by Justice Ranjan Gogoi in responding to the sexual harassment allegations leveled against him,” a statement released by the NLU student consortium said.

The three-judge departmental inquiry constituted by Justice Bobde has been a travesty of justice for the complainant, it added.

3:08 PM, 07 May

Detained Activists/Lawyers Released After Over 3 Hours

After over 3 hours, police released women activists and lawyers they had detained during a protest outside Supreme Court on Tuesday, 7 May.

1:57 PM, 07 May

Newslaundry Journalist Narrates What Went Down at the SC Protest

A Newslaundry journalist posted a thread of tweets narrating what went down at the Supreme Court premises when he was detained by the police along with women activists/lawyers who were protesting against the alleged failure of due process in the CJI sexual harassment case.

1:20 PM, 07 May

Women's Group Writes to Retired SC Judges




Women’s group activists wrote an open letter to retired judges of the Supreme Court urging them “to please speak up on the side of justice and fairness in the matter of allegations of sexual harassment against the Chief Justice of India.” The letter also calls for action “to protest against such blatant abuse of power.”

1:05 PM, 07 May

Not Sure When We Will be Released: Social Activist Vani Subramanian

Social activist and feminist Vani Subramanian of Saheli told *The Quint* how around 50 women lawyers and activists, protesting against the clearance given to CJI, were removed from outside the Supreme Court premises and brought to Mandir Marg police station. She said few journalists were also detained for “verification” but have now been released, while the activists are still held at the police station.

11:47 AM, 07 May

Section 144 Imposed Outside SC

Section 144 has been imposed outside the Supreme Court following massive protests against the clean chit given to CJI Ranjan Gogoi in the sexual harassment case against him. Many women protestors were forcibly removed from outside the premises by the police and taken to the Mandir Marg police station.

11:26 AM, 07 May

Protestors Removed From Outside Supreme Court

Protestors opposing the clean chit given to CJI Ranjan Gogoi were removed from outside the Supreme Court premises on Tuesday, 7 May.

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