Ways to Attract Goddess Lakshmi

Bhavana Sharma, 05/11/2018

Goddess Lakshmi is loved in every single Hindu family unit. The merry month of October is Lakshmi`s uncommon month. Fridays are viewed as promising to venerate the Goddess. Three days of Navratri - 4th,5th, sixth days - are exceedingly commendable to love the Goddess and welcome the riches energies into one`s life.

Ways to Attract Goddess Lakshmi

Recite Sri Sukta-

Keep an image or an icon of Goddess Lakshmi in the supplication room. Appeal to her with profound genuineness. Discuss Sri Sukta for 30 days and life will change. It is a sythesis of 15 stanzas and all wants are satisfied by her kindness on its sacred recitation.

Chanting of Lakshmi Gayathri-

Serenade the Lakshmi Gayathri mantra for 108 times ordinary.

Lotus Seed Mala-

Utilize Lotus seed mala or rosary for presenting the mantra. It is called Kamal Gatta mala. To dispose of destitution and have material gain this globule is utilized for every day love as this satisfies the Goddess gigantically.

Use of Ghee Lamps

Light two ghee lights each day with contributions of coconut, lotus blooms and kheer.


Lotus Stem Wick-

Each Friday, light an earthen light of ghee, utilizing nine wicks of lotus stem. It draws in profoundly positive riches vibrations and gives a wide range of material achievement.

Sea Shells or Cowries-

Place cowries or sea shells in the place of worship to attract highly positive energies into the household.

Lakshmi Dwadasa Stotra-

Serenade Lakshmi Dwadasa Stotra 12 times for 12 days to get free from obligations, monetary weights. This stotra is of high repute to Vishnu`s partner, Lakshmi.

Praying to Tulsi-

Another approach to please Goddess Lakshmi is by lighting a light and going to tulsi plant. Every one of the Gods dwell in where a tulsi plant is developed. Fragrant agarbattis or incense can be lit to fill the air with charming vibrations. All desires get satisfied by revering tulsi and huge legitimacy is collected by paying deference to her.

Footprints of Lakshmi-

Draw the impressions of Lakshmi by utilizing crude rice flour in the pooja space to welcome her into the house. 

Drawing the propitious impression of Lakshmi will welcome the nearness of Vishnu as well. Both Lakshmi and Vishnu are indistinguishable. Their gifts will calm one everything being equal, reviles and give endless favors of good direct, right living, temperances and plenitude. Peace and prosperity is guaranteed.

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