Paytm VP Sonia Dhawan's lawyer alleges promoters were forcing her to sell stake

Somiya Saini, 24/10/2018
Paytm VP Sonia Dhawan

After the startling news of Paytm Founder Vijay Shekhar Sharma's nearby assistant and one of his most established representatives, Sonia Dhawan, being captured on the charges of coercing him ended up open, there has been no closure to the paranoid fears encompassing this advancement. 

Sonia's legal advisor has now reacted to the claims saying the advertisers of Paytm were pressurizing her to offer her stake in the organization and she has been surrounded. 

"There is certainly a component of connivance. The advertisers were pressurizing her to offer her stake," said Sonia's legal advisor Prashant Tripathi. 

He said that there is a ton of equivocalness for the situation given that different reports before expressed that the information being referred to had a place with the organization yet was later recognized as Sharma's own information.

"With the sort of allegations which were made at first, there is part of logical inconsistency. There was likewise an announcement in the press that the individual who called up from Kolkata unveiled her (Sonia Dhawan's) name without accepting a considerable part the payment. Along these lines, you can make out that there is a whole other world to it than meets the eye," Tripathi included. 

He additionally said that Sonia and her significant other Rupak Jain had gotten a coercion call of Rs 5 crore on September 22, two days after Sharma got a comparative call.

There was a blackmail call for Rs 5 crore. The guest undermined to hurt the family if the interest wasn't met," uncovered Tripathi. 

As indicated by information shared by PaperVc with Moneycontrol, Dhawan has representative investment opportunity designs (ESOPs) to the tune of 0.004 percent in One97 Communications and 0.02 percent in Paytm E-trade Pvt Ltd, the two organizations held under the gathering. 

The combined estimation of the offers according to Paytm's present valuation remained around Rs 3.2 crore. 

She is relied upon to have more ESOPs in other gathering substances. 

Dhawan's relatives, who were troubled subsequent to hearing the news, feel that she has been dishonestly involved. A cousin of Dhawan disclosed to Moneycontrol this was an endeavor to censure her picture. 

"She was elevated to the situation of the Vice-President (corporate interchanges) of Paytm only multi month back. She has been related with this organization for very nearly 10 years. For what reason would she need to accomplish something like this?" he stated, including that they have not possessed the capacity to address her after her capture. 

Dhawan, her significant other Roopak Jain, and another Paytm representative Devendra Kumar were supposedly engaged with the coercing. The fourth denounced, Rohit Chomal, is an occupant of Kolkata and had supposedly made the coercion call to Sharma's sibling Ajay Shekhar. 

The court has rejected safeguard to the three denounced who have now been sent to legal authority. 

Dhawan has been related with the organization for just about 10 years. She began off as an individual aide to Sharma and rose to wind up the head of advertising throughout the years.

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