Rid Your Dental Brace Pain in 10 Easy Ways

Chaman Singh, 30/11/2018
Rid Your Dental Brace Pain in 10 Easy Ways

The settling in of brace wires and invisalign attachment come with their own set of pros and cons. As with time you keep adjusting the wires you may need to tighten or bend the wires; adding discomfort to your day to day activities. At the end of the procedure you will be gifted with a perfectly aligned teeth and a beautiful smile, however, during the process you will be facing certain temporary aches. Being temporary these aches do have very easy and household solutions.

10 easy remedies to your dental brace pain

Some common practices that can dull out the sensation of pain that comes along with braces are:

Ease the pain with a cooling sensation

Ice / cold always works miracle over sore wounds and physical aches. Applying ice-packs or eating ice-cream or cold food will help cure the sensation of pain, gum swelling or gum soreness. Invisalign attachment

Gargling with warm salt water

Gargling with warm salt water for about a minute is yet another household remedy to overcome the pain and swelling resulting from your Invisalign attachment. Additionally salt water swishing can also heal any minor wound or infection caused by the metal works of the brace.

Avoid chewing hard foods

With the tightening of your braces, your teeth may face demineralizaton, which can lead up to enhanced sensitivity of your teeth. On such an occasion you are better of eating mushy foods such as yogurt, soups, mashed potatoes and such, instead of eating hard crunchies.

Caress your gum with gentle massages

Unlike your teeth, your gums have no hard coating, they are made of soft tissues with a heightened sensation. Like any other massage, massaging your gum will relax the gum tissues, soothing you of the pain.

Guard and protect your mouth

Braces with their metal brackets and wires are a potential threat to your inner mouth linings. Putting on a mouth guard you eliminate such threats. Whilst indulging in any sports, mouth guards are mandatory.

Frozen Teething Rings

Freeze a typical teething ring, and then chew on it with the area of pain, it provides gentle tension to the pain area for both itching pleasure and massage benefits at the same time.

Apply dental wax

Apply orthodontic wax on the metal of your brace to reduce the irritation it causes to your inner cheek, lips and gums.

Dull the senses

If the pain aggravates beyond the reach of natural remedies then you might want to consider applying anaesthetic gels, like Orabase or Orajel, over the paining areas of your mouth. These gels, in their functionality, typically numb the area of sensation to reduce your pain.

Apply heat

Heating pads are another traditional means to subside pain, to your teeth, gum or to any other part of your body for that matter. When lacking a heating pad use a warm washcloth. It is however, advisable to get a heating pad as they come really cheap, are easily available and are way more effective than warm washcloths. Washcloths are better left as a last or an emergency resort.

A dose of pain-killer

If all the above mentioned methods fail to rescue you from your pain, then you might as well go ahead with the over-the-counter painkillers. Painkillers such as ibuprofen, have proven useful to many. Consult your doctor for the proper dosage and make sure to try these only when rest of the options have failed.

Throughout the orthodontic braces treatment process general discomfort is generic in most. Although, the intensity and severity of this discomfort will vary from individual to individual, and only depending on this severity will the above mentioned remedies be justified. Irrespective of the pain, rest assured, on completion of the invisalign in London treatments, you are going to have a truly glad smile.

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