Take the Smile Lines off Your Face Using Dermal Filler Treatment-Karsoo

Bhavana Sharma, 13/10/2018
Take the Smile Lines off Your Face Using Dermal Filler Treatment-Karsoo

There's no part of the body that's more susceptible to the unwanted effects of aging, than the face. Some people are that who believe that fine lines and creases are a sign of character, while others just want to turn back time and retrieve their young look. Luckily these people can rejuvenate their face by undergoing cosmetic procedures, using minimally invasive injectable treatments, or even with facelift surgery.
The facial skin begins to produce marks, creases and volume loss as a result of age, sun damage, tension, gravity, and other environmental factors. Dermal filler West Palm Beach is one of the most effective cosmetic procedures used to revive the loss of volume in the face. Dermal fillers work together with the remaining collagen and elastin in the body, to restore the volume that's lost through aging, as well as smoothing and evening out the area being treated. The elastin, collagen, and proteins that keep the skin looking plump and fresh, begin to drop from the age of 25, and it's when these levels decrease when you start seeing the symptoms of aging.
The smile lines that form between the edges of the nose, to the corner of the mouth are known as the nasolabial folds, and these folds separate the cheeks from the upper lip. The deepening of these nasolabial wrinkles are a common problem that affects many people and they happen when gravity pulls down the fat and other soft tissue that usually sits high on your cheeks, Gradually this begins to create a line, crease or wrinkle, and they generally become more pronounced as a person gets older.

Dermal fillers specialist West Palm Beach can successfully re-volumize areas of the face and injections of hyaluronic acid will recover the skin's lost volume, smoothing out the lines and creases. This enhances your looks, improves your profile and leaves your face with a natural expression. Fillers are a non-invasive, cost-effective alternative to cosmetic surgery for replacing the volume that's been lost through facial aging. The results obtained by using dermal fillers for the nasolabial folds are stunning and very natural looking.

A dermal filler treatment for correcting nasolabial folds takes about 20 - 30 minutes and a local anesthetic injection is usually given to minimize any potential discomfort during the procedure. There is no downtime and you can return to work or your normal activities rapidly. The consequences are visible immediately, with more improvements in the skin volume becoming noticeable in the following weeks. The results of dermal filler injections last between 3 - 12 months and are naturally absorbed back into the body as time passes.

If you want guidance choosing a cosmetic treatment, we provide an extensive range of cosmetic procedures for the face and body: Botox, Lip Augmentation, Dermal Fillers and many more treatments, to help create a youthful, slimmer, more stylish looking you.

The "BeautyMD Spa" Clinic is located in West Palm Beach, Fl where we offer a bespoke service with a personalized touch and deliver high customer satisfaction. Smooth, flawless skin is barely one treatment away. Contact us to schedule your appointment or request for more info.

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