Top 7 Supplements for Weight Loss 2018 - Burn Your Fats

Bhavana Sharma, 31/10/2018
Top 7 Supplements for Weight Loss 2018 - Burn Your Fats

There are countless weight loss solutions out there but not all do what they purport to do. In our experience reviewing different pills, drugs and dietary supplements, we’ve been informed that the most effective solutions work using one or a combination of the following mechanisms:

  • Reducing appetite; eating healthy food that make you feel full so that you take fewer calories

  • Reduce fat absorption; directly scales down calorie intake

  • Increase fat burning; enhancing body systems that work to burn calories

In the universe of weight loss pills and supplements, here are the best 7 according to our research:

Green Tea

A cup of green tea does so much good to the body, there’s no reason for someone who’s trying to lose weight to miss one every day.

Green tea contains almost zero calories and is full of flavonoids. It boosts metabolism and improves the body’s fat burning efficiency. The undisputed benefits of this weight loss aid include preventing fat formation, elimination of cellulite and reduction of fluid retention and swelling.

The flavonoids contained in green tea increase fat oxidation and improve insulin activity in the body.And also know's that Helps Bring Down Cholesterol.

Sea buckthorns

The oil from sea buckthorn berries has been proven to increase metabolism and normalize blood sugar levels. It provides the body with loads of proteins, microelements and minerals, whose combined benefits are appetite suppression and increased fat metabolism. Sea buckthorn oil is also effective in stopping unnecessary fat storage. And as a bonus benefit, it greatly boosts body immunity.


PhenQ is an all-natural weight management formula that’s designed to help the body burn fat and shed off extra pounds quickly. PhenQ Scam contains scientifically tested and proven ingredients that increase body metabolism, maintain the body at high energy levels, hasten the burning of belly fat and other stubborn fats, and boost your mood.

It’s sold in form of diet pills and you only need to take two pills per day to experience the full benefits of the formula. Since all the ingredients are natural, PhenQ can be used by almost everyone and its use is not associated with any side effects. It is particularly known for working fast, in a matter of weeks the results of using the formula are visible.


Probably one of the most popular fat loss stimulants, Caffeine is effective on its own as well as an ingredient of other weight loss products.

It’s mostly found in fat burning supplements where its main function is to block adenosine receptors and improve thermogenesis. Caffeine is also reputed with boosting mood and focus, two important requirements for weight loss especially for people who exercise regularly.

Nature Wise CLA 1250

If you want to get lean, then Nature Wise CLA 1250 is one workout you should try out. Used by both men and women, this supplement helps to improve muscle to fat ratio by supporting fat loss and lean muscle gain.

It prompts the body to burn fatty acid to provide energy for workout. The ingredients used to make Nature Wise CLA 1250 are natural and non-stimulating, non-addictive and safe for continued use.


Another cutting-edge thermogenic fat buster and muscle builder on the market 2018 is Burn-XT. Each capsule of Burn-XT contains powerful fat burning ingredients designed in a formula that synergistically speeds up fat burning, suppresses appetite, boosts metabolism, preserves lean muscle and improves mood.

The supplement is claimed to produce fast results, so you wouldn’t go wrong with it if you are aiming at maximizing weight loss with limited time.


The Hawthorn berry rarely misses in lists of herbs that encourage weight loss. It is said to be reliable in suppressing appetite and keeping the body at high energy levels and an excellent mood.

These 7 supplements are some of the best weight loss alternatives you can actually choose to achieve your weight management goals. We have thoroughly researched all of them to ensure that they are clean, safe, and efficient.

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