Use Advanced Proctoring Systems for Best Recruitments

Bhavana Sharma, 20/12/2018
Use Advanced Proctoring Systems for Best Recruitments

Since many conventional things are facing a change in the contemporary era, proctoring is also changing. Yes, as with most of the things traditional, proctoring, is also undergoing substantial conversion and thanks goes to technological advancements.

With online proctoring increasingly becoming mainstream, more and more organizations and educational institutions are adopting this proctoring system as opposed to the more conventional form of proctoring thanks to its various advantages.  Of course, since everything is changing, the ways of working has to be changed too. You cannot deal with the situations of present with the ways of past. If you want to progress and beat the competition of the world then you have to invest in the tools that are helpful for your growth.

What is this online concept of proctoring?

Talking about this proctoring, it is similar to offline proctoring or   just the regular invigilation you usually have. It is a service that protects the integrity of the exam or test undertaken by remotely monitoring through a webcam to see the activities of the candidate during the time of the examination.

To make use of an online proctored test to lead your recruitment drive, the foremost step is to pick an online proctor service provider that is correct for you. If you keep in mind a few points, it would make it easier to make a decision. You must specific what zones you want the applicant to be assessed on and the skill level that the designation needs or demands. It is helpful to understand how the proctoring works. You get to know if it is manual or the candidates’ activities get recorded via their webcam. You have to ensure that the service you pick offers solutions to not just prevent cheating but check the genuineness of the candidate. It is all about the choice you make that leaves a great impact on the overall working of the test.

How these proctored test work?

The applicants appearing for the online proctored test are needed to download the software application onto the laptop or desktop that will be used for the overall performance. When the candidate start with the examination, the application measures his/her computer and webcam and a lockdown device is used to avert him/her from opening any type of web browsers. The applicant has to confirm his/her individuality by one of the various methods that are needed by the application. Maybe few may demand the candidate to show evidence of identity to the camera; some others make use of facial recognition software to confirm the identity of a candidate.  Different other advanced technology are used to further confirm the identity of the candidate by instructing him/her to type a specific phrase and then analysing the keystrokes with previously submitted samples. Whatever the technique employed, after confirming the identity of the candidate, the application demands the candidate to show around the area or room where the test takes place to make sure that there is no one else to help in the test.

Once the exam starts, generally there are three ways in which online concept of proctoring can take place: Recorded proctoring, Live online proctoring, and advanced automated proctoring.

Live online proctor system

In this kind of proctoring, a qualified proctor monitors the applicant as he/she is giving the test through live audio and video feeds. These proctors are experienced in ensuring the authenticity of the candidate and search for any red flags such as doubtful eye or facial movements or simply the appearance of any unconfirmed device that might showcase cheating. If suspicious circumstances do come up, the proctor can either blackout the test or simply notify the company of the forbidden activity. Such a form of proctoring permits the proctor to monitor up to thirty two   candidates at a time. This number is a standardised number. Both the applicants and proctor can be in any area as long as they both possess access to the internet. So, you can use this method to take test for your recruitment in the organization.

Recorded proctoring

Different from live online system of proctoring, a recorded proctoring, as its name shows, merely records the activities of the applicant at the time of test.  It is then played back by a proctor at the quicker speed to look for any doubtful behaviour or occurrence during the time of the exam. Such a form of proctoring has a benefit in that it needs no scheduling since the applicant can take the test at any time convenient to him/her. But since this too demands human intervention for reviewing the recording, it might be little expensive and difficult to scale.  However, the decision rests always with you.

Advanced automated proctoring system

It is the most advanced type of proctoring and needs no manual intervention at all. Such a form of proctoring records the activities of the applicants and also monitoring the feed for any type of red flags that might indicate malpractice.  For this, it makes use of advanced audio and video analytics. It is the slightest expensive of all these types of proctoring since it removes the requirement for manual intervention and is climbable for the same reason.

Remember that there are even online proctors who go a step further by restricting the candidate logins to an exact IP addresses and blocking the option of copy-paste, further guarding the integrity of the test conducted. It depends, again, on the employer or recruiter. The point is that you can use any of these online systems of proctoring for making the right recruitments. You would not have to limit yourself to the nearby talent only because the system enables you to take tests of applicants who reside in farfetched areas.  Once you have evaluated them, you can make a decision accordingly.

Thus, the advanced and growing options of proctoring are making a great impact on the recruitment programs of organizations.  Such an impact is for all good reasons! You can introduce this system of proctoring and make sure you never miss a chance to recruit a right talent for the organization.

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