What is SSC ? What type of Job can I get through SSC exam and SSC Exam Pattern.

Chaman Singh, 14/11/2018
What is SSC ? What type of Job can I get through SSC exam and SSC Exam Pattern.

What is SSC? Or what is SSC Full Form before talking but if we talk a little bit about the education system of the country then the education system in our country is going down very much. There is no doubt that the education given in the time of sages and gurukul was a million times good and high level. At that time the student made himself qualified and had complete knowledge.

But .. Today in the college and school, those people have remained teachers who do not get any job. If a person who is unable to get his job, will give knowledge to other students, then you yourself can imagine what level of education will be left.

The job of the school college people is that they do not have to pay much salaries to these people. But .. do you think the future of the student is being said? In today's time, 90% of the colleges are giving jobs to their own students because the student has not been employed in any other place and the college knows that the student will be ready to work and teach them according to the low salary.

The biggest reason for unemployment in our country is that the student is not able to qualify himself, but he has a degree in his hand, and then with whom he stops rate rates. The number of engineers coming out every year is so much that if you stand on an intersection and roll the ballpit, it will definitely look like an engineer.

We are not saying this to hurt anyone's feelings, but the truth is that the school and the college have just become a business in today's time where you can easily earn the degree by paying fees. The alarming impact of the student is revealed during the interview, when he can not be selected in the interview.

Maybe, your view on Indian education system is different, maybe you do not agree with our point of view. We would like to apologize but we believe that this problem will continue till we are not given the importance of practical knowledge in our country. Children will be passed year by year and then they will have to shove away.

Let's come back to my article and talk about what is SSC? What is SSC Full Form?

SSC Full Form

SSC Full Form : Staff Selection Commission

What is SSC ?

You have often heard your fellow colleagues or the seniors preparing for the SSC, in such a way everyone comes to the question that what is SSC that is? In fact, SSC is a board that selects Central Government Ministries and other group B and C employees. It was established in 1977.

If you dream of a government job, then your dream can be completed by preparing for SSC and its exam. You just need to work hard and pass the exam.

There are many competetive exams under SSC ,

  • CGL
  • CHSL
  • Steno
  • JE
  • CAPF
  • JHT

Let's talk about what all this department is ?


CGL Full Form : Combined Graduate Level Examination

The CGL exam is given after graduation in which if you pass, you can get a job in the Food Department, Income Tax Department.


CHSL Full Form : Combined Higher Secondry Level Examination

For this you can fill the form after 12th. If you pass the exam then you are selected for the post of LDC or Clerk.


If any student is looking for his future in shorthand, he can take this examination.


JE Full Form : Junior Engineer

If you are successful in passing the JE examination, you get the rank of Junior Engineer in the Government Department. For this, you must first get a diploma in engineering.


CAPF Full Form : Central Armed Police Force

If your dream is to serve in the police department then you can fill the CAPF form. By this the police personnel are selected.


JHT Full Form : Junior Hindi Translators

If you want to work as a Hindi Translator in the Central Government, then you can get this post by JHT examination. Most importantly it is your Hindi and English language that requires a good grip.

Exam Pattern

What is SSC? What is SSC Full Form? After this, let us now talk about how to prepare for this examination and questions related to which subjects are asked in this examination.

For the preparation of the SSC (Staff Selection Commission), meditation is usually done on Hindi, English and mathematics. The questions related to these three are asked in the examination. If you want to download SSC Exam Pattern, you can download it from SSC.NIC.In Free.

SSC Book & Coaching

If you have a question about where to buy books for preparing for SSC or where to do coaching then we would suggest that instead of going to any online website, discuss it with your seniors or colleagues Which book or organization is better prepared? Online you will find only those who want to sell for their profits.

So friends, was this SSC Details where you go SSC? SSC Full Form? What comes in SSC and what is its pattern. If there is any question related to SSC in your mind, then you can ask us free of charge in the comment box below.

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