5 Best YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

Chaman Singh, 30/11/2018
5 Best YouTube Channel Ideas for Beginners

YouTube channels are all the rage these days. Stars like Justin Bieber owe their careers to this blessing we call YouTube. With more than billion users, YouTube is the second most famous social media website. Hence, getting famous on YouTube could really mean something to you. Apart from tagging friends on memes on Facebook, individuals enjoy watching videos or vlogs on YouTube. Bless technology that has enabled us to entertain ourselves even on the go with facilities like Spectrum Internet. Peoples’ eyes now remain glued to their smartphones’ screens as opposed to books. And a majority of the people has started successful businesses or have become famous from this platform. However, it can be confusing for beginners to decide the types of videos they should upload to engage the audience. Here are a couple of ideas that beginners should consider for their YouTube channels.

A Sneak-Peak into Your Life

To begin with, introduce the audience/viewers to yourself. But make sure that you do not do this in a boring or a rather basic way. Nothing puts off viewers more than boring videos do. They have come to view engaging yet fun yet informative videos. And if you cannot give them a blend of these, starting a YouTube channel might just not be your thing. And you might want to reconsider your idea of becoming a YouTube sensation. How you can make your videos interesting is by engaging your audience by updating them about your day-to-day chores. Walk them through your day. Tell them what you did, where you went, whom you interacted with and what was different about the day? Connect to them on a very personal level. This way they will be forced to believe that you are one of them. You are an ordinary person who takes pride in this fact and does not shy away from sharing her/his daily rants, moments of joy or just a random thought that came to your mind. You can even talk about current issues in your vlogs. This will make your vlogs even more engaging as people will start sharing their own views and debate about it. Once you have created a connection with your viewers, you can move on to making other types of videos.

Is it Worth the Bucks?

Another very popular idea amongst viewers these days is product/service reviews. Well, here is your second idea for your YouTube channel. People put in a lot of thought before purchasing a product or availing a service that they have never bought or used before. Under such circumstances, individuals tend to search for expert advice or experiences of other people with that product/service. They want to know whether the product/service that they are about to spend money on is worth it or not. Well, why don’t you tap this opportunity to help these confused individuals? You can use a particular service or product, record the results and share them with your viewers. Make sure that you do not come across as someone who is biased. Because if you end up recommending a product that is not really worth it, people will not trust you. This means that you will not have as many followers. So be very honest when giving reviews.

What is Inside the Box?

Something that many people enjoy watching is those videos where you unbox a product and then review it. This can include a gadget or a makeup product. Usually, when a new gadget comes out, people are looking out for reviews before they invest in one of their own. Here is where your role comes in to play. Buy gadgets (if you are a tech junkie), unbox them before your viewers and show them all the accessories that come with the product. Tell them how the gadget operates, what are the various features and how does it feel to use it. Give them every little detail that will help them make a decision without getting confused.

What is Cooking Good Looking?

There are gazillion foodies out there. And if you recognize yourself as one as well, then this is your chance to get famous on YouTube. Create your own YouTube food channel. From easy cooking hacks to sharing fancy recipes, give the viewers to return to your channel every day or every week. You can share recipes from around the world or visit various restaurants and give a review regarding their food. Food vlogs are becoming very famous amongst people these days. There have been some amazing names associated with this field including Anthony Bourdain.


If there is anything that is very popular amongst the young and elderly alike then those are travel vlogs. People who cannot afford to travel to different countries themselves travel through others’ eyes. So, if you are an avid traveler, start keeping a video journal of your travels. Take your viewers through your adventures while traveling. Guide them about the best places to visit, the restaurants they should try, what the culture of that place is and how is that place different from others. Make engaging videos and get into the minutest of details while narrating your experience to your followers. They need to be able to connect to you.

And if your videos are relatable to many, they will return to your channel and wait for you to upload your next vlog. Viewers should feel as good while watching your videos as one does when they converse with the courteous Spectrum Customer service reps.

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