Points to consider before buying a two wheeler for women.

Chaman Singh, 10/04/2019
Points to consider before buying a two wheeler for women.

The two-wheeler market is Points to consider before buying a two wheeler for women blooming, and there are several new players in the market. Companies are manufacturing outstanding models in the cut-throat competition, and users have a plethora of options to choose from. With a spike in the number of female riders, the two-wheeler market is likely to expand further. Companies are producing women-centric bikes while keeping in mind their needs. There’s no surprise that it’s exhaustive to choose a perfect bike for you. We are here to help you in every possible way. Here’s a list of 10 things that you should look for before purchasing a two wheeler-

1. Budget

We know you might be looking for the best two-wheeler for yourself, but the budget plays a significant role in decision making. The first step is to fix the budget so that you can look for bikes in the same price range. And when it comes to buying your dream bike, you can adjust it a little bit and get the bike you desire.

2. Weight

The second most important thing to look for is the weight of the two-wheeler. You should buy two-wheeler, which is lightweight and easy to handle. You don’t want to rev around the city on an uncontrollable bike and look uncomfortable altogether.

3. Start button

Convenience is key! So when you select your two-wheeler to make sure it has an auto start button so that you can switch on and off the engine quickly. Let’s be honest here, kicking start bike is a pain, and you don’t want to sweat and ruin your make-up while doing it.

4. Storage

Another important characteristic to look for is the storage of the bike. Riding for a picnic with your better half? Your two-wheeler should at least accommodate a food basket, a blanket, and a small tool kit.

5. Mileage

Purchasing a bike is not cheap. After you have made your final decision and got your desired two-wheeler home, it is obvious that you will want to have a spin around the town. Ensure your bike gives a decent mileage so that you don’t have to blow up your major chunk of salary on refilling.

6. Location of the service center

Locate the service centers near you so that you can visit it in the times of need. We often neglect the fact that machines, old or new can breakdown and create a hassle. Avoid the nuisance of travelling long distances for repairs and services by picking a service center nearby.

7. Availability of spare parts

There are several foreign automobile players in the Indian market, and it is quite a cumbersome job to find their spare parts. So, do your homework and pay heed to this point.

8. Height

If you belong to the shorter clan, this is one of the most important things to notice. Select a two-wheeler that has an adjustable height so that you can ride it comfortably. Not to mention, sit on the bike and ensure your feet touch the ground.

9. Style & Colour

You should own a thing that suits your personality. Get a two-wheeler which matches your personality, and you enjoy every time you are riding it.

10. Resale Value

We often get bored with the old possession as soon as an updated version is introduced in the market. Same happens with our two-wheelers. Hence, it is important to buy a two-wheeler that has a high resale value.

Don’t just ride your bike, own it with pride! Insure your bike with a comprehensive two wheeler insurance so that you have the peace of mind while riding on the streets. A two-wheeler insurance policy covers your bike against threats like accidents, theft, natural calamity, and much more.

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Points to consider before buying a two wheeler for women.

By Chaman Singh - 10/04/2019

The two-wheeler market is Points to consider before buying a two wheeler for women blooming, and there are several new players in the market.

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