5 Ways To Be All “Calm And Cool” On Your Wedding Day

Bhavana Sharma, 03/12/2018
5 Ways To Be All “Calm And Cool” On Your Wedding Day

How your planning for your Indian wedding cards has resulted into a beautiful wedding invite, how your extensive research on the internet has landed you to book the best venue for your wedding with the best of decorators and caterers. Yet it is quite hard to not get all stressed and nervous on one’s own wedding day thinking of all wrong possibilities. No worries we present you 5 ways in which you can remain all calm and stress-free on your wedding day:


1- Hydration is the Key- 

Staying hydrated is the first and foremost way that can clam your nerves down on your wedding day. Whether it’s a summer beach wedding or winter royal wedding, make sure you are not dehydrated for the day. Indian wedding has got the whole deck of pre-wedding ceremonies which often left the bride all tired and exhausted. So keep your water by your side throughout. You can have fruit juices too or coconut water that will also keep you hydrated and “on toes” throughout. Also keeping yourself hydrated means to taking care of the skin in the most cost- effective manner.


2- The Wedding-day Companion

We know how your best friend or your sister won’t leave you alone for a minute throughout all wedding ceremonies. You may get annoyed at times but is grateful too for their presence throughout. Keeping someone by your side will also help you in calming those stressful nerves. Also being the bride, it is not possible for you to comprehend each task on your own as this will leave you getting all tired before the ceremony even starts. But by a person by your side, you can ask for their help or even can blurt out all “going on in your mind”.


3- Lightweight Wedding Apparels

We know how fascinated you are with those heavy Lehenga and that ethnic jewellery that comprises of precious stones. But that heavyweight Lehenga may trouble you too. Those heavy weigh Lehenga have very delicate embroidery work so they have to be tended very carefully. Moreover, you don’t want to look all stressed in your photos with the “weight” of your own wedding outfit. Hence brides are choosing the lightweight Saree or Lehenga for their wedding. They make it everything handy for them. Also, the ethnic jewellery goes quite well with these minimal outfits.


4- Charting out a timetable for the wedding day-

Incorporating the tasks as per timetable may seem to be a lot of things, but it will eventually help you in making everything flowy. Delays tend to get on your head and may upset you as well. Hence chart out a timetable and make a list of things you want for your wedding right from the very moment you wake up followed by the rest of the day. By charting this, you can keep everything on tips and can even make some time to rest before getting all-ready.

5- A backup plan for contingencies

One of the best ways to keep a stress free wedding is to make necessary arrangements for all the things you can think might go wrong. A backup plan is always a savior. Assign the necessary response to each of your family member and get all ready for this beautiful journey of your life.

Also, many brides have said that looking at their wedding cards with their name written together with the love of their life also helps them from being cold feet. So much love, isn’t it? Try this and see how it works

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