How Does Stem Cell Therapy Help In Pain Management?

Gaurav Joshi, 19/03/2019
How Does Stem Cell Therapy Help In Pain Management?

The usage of stem cells in the treatment of illnesses is gaining popularity among the medical field. They have shown great potential in treating due to their renewing or regenerating properties and their ability to develop into any type of tissue in the organism’s body.

Stem cells have the ability to repair, restore and regenerate internal system in the body. Therefore, it is possible for them to help repair tissues, blood, muscles, bones, and organs as well. They help in growth and also in replacing the missing parts through regeneration.

These stem cells can be collected from various parts of the body depending on the area of the treatment required. However, the stem cells collected from bone marrow and adipose or fat have proven to be most effective.

 Stem cell therapy in India has established its success in various illnesses and diseases. Some of them are: 

●       chronic pain

●       Stroke

●       Type I diabetes

●       Duchene’s muscular dystrophy

●       Heart disease

●       Parkinson’s disease

●       Vision and hearing loss

●       Alzheimer’s disease

●       Osteoarthritis

●       Spinal cord injuries

●       Rheumatoid arthritis

●       Severe burns

●       Pain management

●       other damaged or diseased body tissues

Stem cell therapy is a small part of the broad term called regenerative medicine. Stem cells can be grown in a lab and are injected into the sick person where they need treatment. These cells then regenerate and aid the person’s healing.

There are two major types of stem cells. One type is the cells that are harvested from adults, and the other type cells are collected from embryonic tissues. Besides, stem cells can be retrieved by other means as well.

They are Blood and skin cells harvested from an adult’s body who is a patient, are reprogrammed to portrait embryonic characteristics.

●       Stem cells that are obtained from the umbilical cord of a baby after its birth.

●       Mesenchymal stem cells are found in the bone marrow of a person.

●       According to studies, some of these methods have proven to be more effective than others.

Along with treating various diseases, disorders, and illnesses, stem cells have also helped to a large extent in managing severe pains in various parts of the body. Among these are knees, back, hips, and elbow. Stem cell therapy reduces inflammation which results in chronic pain, heals regenerative conditions which lead to pain such as arthritis.

Stem cells have found to carry the ability to restore and regenerate, hence making them a viable treatment option for pain management. Further, they also are solutions for diseases such as disc herniation and degenerative disk disease.

Disc degeneration generally occurs with age or due to injuries and causes the disc to tear, weaken or rupture. As a result, the muscles would no longer be of help to the spine which may lead to herniation.


●       Discogenic back pain

●       Osteoarthritis of facet joint

●       Degenerative disc disease


●       Osteoarthritis

●       Labral Tears

●       Articular cartilage injuries

●       Foot and Ankle

●       Mild to moderate osteoarthritis

●       Tendon inflammation

●       A partial Achilles tendon tear


●       Partial rotator cuff tears

●       Labral Tears

●       Mild to moderate osteoarthritis


●      Osteoarthritis

●       Partial ligament tears

●       Partial meniscal tears

●       Augmented ACL or PCL reconstruction