6 Reasons You Need Personalized & Custom Eyeglasses

Bhavana Sharma, 11/02/2019
6 Reasons You Need Personalized & Custom Eyeglasses

Choosing out the best eyeglasses has never been simpler. The cut-throat competition between the exclusive eyewear brands like Ray-Ban eyeglasses, Dolce & Gabbana eyeglasses, and D&G eyeglasses. Eyewear is now the most trending stuff which is reliable, professional, and experts in providing you with exactly what you want.

Customized Eyeglasses gonna be the coming trend to be set in 2019 when it comes to engraving on the eyeglasses frames. This personalization of eyeglasses could be expensive but when you are ordering online, you will get it at a very affordable price. Also, when you buy online, you will get the option to keep it as it is or to customized without extra expenses.

Engraving the frames with a name written on it makes it unique from the rest as well as promote your brand. You can also engrave designs to make it more personalized and should reflect your personality when you wear them.

Step by step of getting High Definition Eyeglasses :

Step 1: Getting the prescription from Optometrist :

In this process, your eyes will be scanned by specialized equipment. This equipment will collect a number of data points of each point, these data will help the Optometrist to generate a prescription, these data include refractive error, unique variations in the shape & surface of your eyes. The end report will be your prescription that contains the best balanced of vision, improved night vision.

Step 2: The next step is to optimize the lenses :

When you select your frame, after that several new measurements are made, these measurements include technicalities like how close the frame from your eye, even how you tilt your head and many more. These measurements enable that the eyeglasses are made with high tech technology and also proves your prescription right

Step 3: The Manufacturing :

The requirements are sent to the lab where the lenses are created in computer software. The lenses are made after several calculations done on it taking every reference possibly to make it compatible with the patient. These calculations not only help to see you better but also give you a good experience.

Here are the super 6 reasons you need personalized & custom eyeglasses.

1. Support your school or Alma Mater :

If you are a school lover or want to remember the zeal of your school in your memories then, here is an idea for you to make your school close to your memories. You can engrave your school’s logo or name on your frames. If you own any club at school then, you can engrave the club’s name to keep a feel with you. Engraving the school’s name or logo is in trend nowadays, so go with the trend and get your own. Whether you are an Alma Mater or a student, personalized your spectacles with this.

2. Kids Names or Initials: If you are the parent of twins and they use spectacles then, here is the deal to avoid this confusion, just engrave their name on the side of the spectacles. You can also engrave your kid’s name just to make it special for your child.

3. Bring digital elements into reality: To make your wedding a hit ! you can try out interesting elements to make your special day like engraving your wedding hashtags on the side of your eyeglasses. You can gift your partner this personalized customized eyeglass with a hashtag engraved on it, will not only make it special for your partner but also will be a memorable gift which will be closed to him/her.

4. Promote your Business or Business Branding: If you are a passionate entrepreneur, then here is a superb idea for your business branding. You can use your business name and get it customized over your eyeglasses. This way, you will be able to promote your brand as well it will reflect how much you are passionate about your business that in order generate curiosity among others.

5. Know other what you love: If you are a legend of any league, then, you should go for this customization, you can make it write your favorite game on the temple of your face. Just wear these glasses and go for the tournament. This will show your passion for the game.

6. Show some love to your team: Just engrave the name of the team you supports in any game, and wear them when you will go to watch the match. This shows how much you love the game.

This is the most super 6 reasons why you have to personalized & customized eyeglasses.  Customizing things will give you several options to make the spectacles according to you.

Zenni Opticals is known as the best online portal for purchasing eyewear, whether it is sunglasses or eyeglasses, all type of eyewear is available on this portal. The process of purchasing the eyewear is very much simple like you just have to upload the prescription letter to the account and get your frames selected with the brand of the lenses. If you are buying your eyewear from this portal then just use Zenni optical coupons to get maximum discounts & deals on each eyewear, you purchase. Whether you are shopping for Men, Women or kids, Zenni never disappoints, in fact, it gives a great user experience as well as quality product to its customers. If you are planning to buy eyeglasses online on portals then, you should note down one thing that you need to submit a prescription. In case, you don’t have one, the eyeglasses company will approach you and fix an appointment with a doctor for you to get the data for your eyeglasses. The best thing about this customized & personalized eyeglass is that if you have ordered online then, then you can take that glasses to your optometrist to cross-examine the glasses data. The reputed eyeglasses company encourages the customers to opt for regular eye checkups.

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