How To Treat Fleas On Your Dog Fast- Karsoo

Bhavana Sharma, 08/10/2018
How To Treat Fleas On Your Dog Fast- Karsoo

Treating fleasmight take you a lot of time and become a serious problem. The best way to getrid of them is the prevention, however, there are some ways to treat fleas onyour dogs that you should know.

Bathe your dogs with flea bath lotion-


Before using, youshould read the bath oil label carefully. The flea bath lotion usually containspyrethrins. You wet the dog’s hair with warm water and massage the dog. Wait atleast 10 minutes then rinse it off with lukewarm water.


Use flea spray-

You choose the adultinsecticide which can control the growth of insects for the best results tomake sure that both adult fleas and eggs are killed. Remember to follow theinstructions of vets and on the medicine label to use it properly.  When you spray on your dog, you have to weargloves to protect yourself and avoid dog’s eyes. If you want to spray on dog’sface, you spray it on your glove and rub it on the dog instead of squeezingdirectly.


Use flea powder-


The flea powdersare usually sold without a prescription and have the same effect as sprays. Youshould read the instructions before using and it is necessary to ask yourveterinarian if you do not know anything. Apply a thin layer of dough onto thedog’s hair. You begin rubbing from the head of the dog to the tail, ensuringthe powder can come in contact with the dog’s skin. You should also sprinklethe powder on the dog’s liter and repeat this process once a week.


Bathe your dog-


Bathing your dogwith warm water and a mild dishwashing or the common bath lotion also eliminatemost fleas. This method is effective in treating mild fleas but may not beeffective enough to kill a large number of fleas. If the dog reacts badly tosoap, stop it. You can use the conditioner after using soap. Repeat once aweek. Overdoes can damage the dog’s skin.


Brush dog’s hair with a flea comb-


The flea comb can remove flea from dog’s hair. Groom dogsfrom head to toe. If you just brush the outside of the coat, the fleas canstill be left behind after brushing.  Dipthe comb into a bucket of warm soapy water when the fleas are caught becausethe soap can kill fleas.


Use lemon juice-


Using the lemonjuice on dog’s hair can get rid of fleas. Make a bowl of the mixture with ahaft of lemonade and a haft of warm water. You can also cut a lemon and put itin boiling water. Soak for eight hours or overnight then filter and pour intothe bowl. Dip the comb into the lemon juice and brush the dog. Repeat theprocess once a day for three days.


Use brewer’s yeast-


Brewer’s yeast is anatural precaution and a substitute for strong chemicals. You can add brewersto your dog food every day. You should consult your veterinarian to determinethe best dose for your dog based on its age and weight. The yeast willpenetrate the dog’s skin and discharge it through the pores. This makes thedog’s hair less attractive to the fleas.


Soak dog with rosemary-


Dip 2 cups ofrosemary in boiling water for about 30 minutes (use enough water to completelyfill the rosemary). Filter and remove all the leaves. Add 4 litres of water andleave the rosemary cool down to make sure not to burn your dog. Flush the dogwith water so thoroughly and let it dry.


Are these steps easy to follow? Apply them and see theeffectiveness. Hope that with this information, you can get red of fleas on your dog and do not have to take a long time to deal with thisproblem. 

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How To Treat Fleas On Your Dog Fast- Karsoo

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Treating fleas might take you a lot of time and become a serious problem. The best way to get rid of them is the prevention, however, there are some ways to treat fleas on your dogs that you should know.


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