10 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Bhavana Sharma, 04/12/2018
10 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

Here are 10 reasons to adopt a pet your new best friend.


1. Save a life.

All the animals in our shelter need a second chance. They have been lost, abandoned or abandoned. All are unwanted and helpless. You are giving them a Modern life in a loving home.

2. Help to break the cycle of pet’s overpopulation.

There are not enough homes for all the pets that are born every year. Adopting a shelter helps weaken the cycle of pet overpopulation. Each year, 8 to 12 million dogs, cats, puppies and kittens are slaughtered because there simply are not enough homes for them.

3. Help stop the cruelty in the massive breeding facilities.

Across the country, thousands of pet commercial establishments and backyard breeders produce millions of animals for sale at pet stores and newspaper ads. Often referred to as puppy and kitten factories, these facilities repeatedly impregnate bitches who spend their entire lives in cages without human companionship. These unfortunate animals are often found in intolerable environments, forced to produce garbage on garbage, and are destroyed after they become unprofitable assets. Adopting a shelter animal means that you do not support such cruel practices.

4. Take advantage of the adoption of an adult animal.

Adult pets are great! Often, they are already trained at home and some may even "sit" or "stay". You will not have to deal with the "puppy phase" or the "kitten phase", which means less of that youthful energy like biting, chewing, scratching, etc. You can see the personality of the adult animal and you will not have to wait to see what you get.

5. You get a lifelong resource with shelter employees and volunteers.

The people who work at the shelter will be an excellent resource to help you find information or resources for your pet. The members of our staff work with animals every day and have a lot of information on many different topics.

6. You choose from a large selection of animals.

Our refuge offers a variety that you will not find anywhere else. We have specific breeds and also the best dogs you will find. We have more than 6,000 animals that come through our doors every year!

7. Adopt a pet that has received good care.

All animals that come to the refuge are admitted by experienced personnel. They receive the vaccines upon arrival and go through a behavioral assessment process. (Please ask your Adoptions Counselor for more details). We have several veterinary partners who come to our shelter weekly and are there to help us with their health care issues and concerns.

8. You support a valuable charity and community institutions.

Unfortunately, every community in the United States requires an animal’s shelter. When she adopts a pet from our shelter, she attends a non-profit organization, but also sends a message to other people who will ask her for the next few years where she got her adorable pet. Shelters improve the community by requiring that adopted animals be spayed or neutered. This requirement decreases the chances of more unwanted animals entering the world.

9. You pay less.

Low adoption rates (which cover part of the costs of our shelter) are much lower than the cost of purebred puppies or kittens sold for profit.

10. Encourages others to adopt shelter animals.

When your friends ask where you have your amazing pet, you can tell them "in the shelter". Your adoption can encourage others to do the same.

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10 Reasons to Adopt a Pet

By Bhavana Sharma - 04/12/2018

All the animals in our shelter need a second chance. They have been lost, abandoned or abandoned. All are unwanted and helpless. You are giving them a Modern life in a loving home.


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