8 Resolutions That Will Take Your Career to Next Level In 2019

Vishal Chauhan, 14/12/2018
8 Resolutions That Will Take Your Career to Next Level In 2019

As 2019 Is Almost Here!

While you make resolutions to be fitter, to look better, spend more time with family or travel to new places, then why shouldn't you set new, exciting goals for your career as well? As 2019 is around the corner, sit back and think about how you want to shape your career and set resolutions to make it happen. Here’s some help for you to plan better…

Review Your Career Growth

The first thing you need to do is to sit back and reflect on how your career is unfolding. Is this what you always wanted to do? Do you plan to switch to a new job in the coming months? What all you need to do to achieve your goal? Just think what are your actual needs and dreams, and review your career trajectory. Think of something that excites you and make a resolution to work on it.

Choosing To Be Healthy At Work

Planning to be a healthier version of yourself this 2019? Start taking stairs in office than using elevators. Instead of munching on packaged food and snacks or ordering junk food, get up fifteen minutes early every day and pack a wholesome lunch along with fruits. Also, make sure to get up from your workstation every half an hour and reduce your caffeine and sugar intake. Remember, to have a successful career, you need to have a fit body and mind.

Learn a New Skill

Sign up for an online course, weekend classes or a workshop, and learn something new. It could be a dance, pottery or any hobby class, or something related to your field. You would learn a new skill, improve your knowledge level, feel more confident and trust us, it is something you won’t ever regret.

Have A Work-Life Balance

Do we really need to explain the importance of having a work-life balance? It is good to be a dedicated, hardworking employee and aim to climb the corporate ladder but at the end of the day, will it all matter if you don’t have near and dear ones to share your achievements with?

​Sign Up For a Blog

Sign up for a motivational blog (Mark Robinson, anyone?) or start following the blog of your role model. Why? It will help to keep you motivated round the year, you will get to know your role model’s success mantra and in case your colleagues follow the same blog, you will have new topics to chat about!

Read, Read, Read

Whether it is fiction or non-fiction if you have not cultivated the habit of reading regularly, what are you waiting for? There is probably a book on every topic and reading will only help to de-stress you, improve your vocabulary, communication skills, and knowledge level.

Check Your Stress Levels

We all tend to over think work-related stuff and spike our stress levels. Has taking stress ever helped anyone? Obviously, no! Promise yourself to stay calm (deep-breathing helps), work harder and keep your stress levels in check. Your health will thank you for this.

Network with Right People

Networking can do wonders for your professional life. The next time you meet someone at an office event, workshop, meeting or conference, make sure you don’t just end the matter by taking their business card and tossing it somewhere. Make a point to connect to that person on a professional networking site and expand your professional network.

Start Saying ‘No’

To all those meetings, workshops, conference calls and tasks that waste your time and reduces your productivity, start politely refusing to be a part of them. If your manager expects you to slog every day after office hours or work from home every weekend, say no. Or you think you are being loaded with too much work, speak up. Do not feel any shame or fear in saying no to the assignment to which you can’t dedicate from your daily schedule or anything that puts you on the edge.

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