Ten steps to a worry-free life!

Vishal Chauhan, 02/01/2019
Ten steps to a worry-free life!

We need to be in an environment of pure vibrations every day for spiritual progress. We decide not to create anger, hurt or hatred, but fail because our samskaras get influenced by the low vibrations around us. Vibrations are created by people. To empower ourselves and transform, we need to be surrounded by divine vibrations.
1.By worrying we are reducing our inner strength, which we require to face the challenge. Every time you find yourself worrying, stop and tell yourself — ‘This story might never happen.’
2. Be aware of these patterns of thinking which drain our energy — criticising, worrying, controlling and obsessive thinking. Awareness means observing, checking and then gently changing.
3. Controlling people and situations creates a series of negative thoughts. Controlling means we are not happy with things as they are, we want them to change, this creates an internal struggle. With awareness, start accepting people and situations.
4. Acceptance means no disturbance internally and then giving our suggestion, or instruction. Focus should be on controlling our own thinking before trying to bring about a change outside.
5.‘Every thought I create whether I am awake or asleep, creates my energy field, and this is the energy I offer in every interaction.’
6. Check — ‘Am I thinking too much? What is the quality of my thoughts? Whenever I want to change any thought, am I able to do it easily?’
7. When the quality of thoughts is right, the speed is slow. When it is negative or waste thinking, the quantity of thoughts increases. The mind thinks too much, and we feel that it is not in our control.
8. Let us start building a beautiful relationship with ourself. Check what are the critical thoughts we have about ourself. Gently change the quality of every critical thought to acceptance and love.
9. The more we criticise ourselves, the more we are reaffirming that part of our personality.We want to change our samskaras, and so our internal conversation needs to be positive, loving and empowering.
10. We are what we read, watch and listen. The next time we receive a message on social media, check if it is a right diet for our emotional health. If not, delete it without reading it.
Reading and sharing information of crime, criticism, bias, satire, creates a deep karma of negative energy.

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