Google Pixel 3XL v/s Pixel 3a XL: What’s New in the Box?

Vishal Chauhan, 14/05/2019
Google Pixel 3XL v/s Pixel 3a XL: What’s New in the Box?

Google launched Pixel 3a series on Tuesday at the Google I/O 2019, which will be soon available in India as well. The company claims this is an entry-premium device, with prices starting from Rs 39,999 for the base model.

There’s also an XL version of the 3a, which will start selling for Rs 44,999 from 15 May onward.

At these prices, you would expect us to compare the Pixel 3a with the OnePlus phones, but instead we’re going to tell you the difference between 3a and the regular Pixel 3. And also what’s new with the mid-range flagship phone from Google. Shruti Mathur/The Quint)


You won’t be the first one to say ‘what’s different in the way the Pixel 3a looks’ and definitely not the last. The Pixel 3a looks exactly like the Pixel 3, but instead of glass finish at the back, you’re getting poly carbonate coating.

That doesn’t mean the Pixel 3a looks cheap, the finishing itself has been handled well, but the overall design won’t spark excitement for buyers, something that others in the segment repeatedly manage to. Even at the front, Pixel 3a borrows its design from 2017. The bezel sizes at top and bottom are big, reducing the overall screen space for viewing content.

Pixel 3a XL gets a 6-inch display. 

Pixel 3a XL gets a 6-inch display. (Photo: The Quint)

The power button on the Pixel 3a is orange in colour, while the Pixel 3 series came with a green-coloured power button, both on the right side of the phone.

We also noticed that the Pixel 3a is comparatively taller and easier to use with one hand. Pixel 3 had a wider design footprint which made using it with one hand a bit uneasy. Thankfully, the Pixel 3a XL doesn’t borrow the ugly-looking notch from its big brother, giving it a unified look on the whole.


Google Pixel 3a XL gets a 6-inch display, which is marginally smaller than the size of the Pixel 3XL (at 6.3-inch but with a 1440 pixels screen quality).

This is the next department where Google had to cut corners to bring the price down. At Rs 40,000, you’re getting a 1080 pixel OLED screen that’s bright, crisp and clear enough to hardly bother you with anything but then people might just stare at the price tag and question the use of the display, just for the sake of it.