A Beginner’s Guide to Decorating the Living Room

Gaurav Joshi, 12/03/2019
A Beginner’s Guide to Decorating the Living Room

If you have just moved into your new house and have no idea how to go about decorating it, you might look for suggestions or little help that will make the work easy for you. The first thing that comes to anyone’s mind on the thought of decorating is the living room.

Since the living room is the most used and most exposed part of the house, you want to do your best to make it look perfect. You could buy home decor online Singapore to fill up the dull, empty walls with some fantastic art pieces or wall arts.

Decorating is not at all easy. It involves a lot of things, from painting the walls, to placing the furniture, to accessories. Here are a few tips and suggestion that will help you get started with decorating your living room according to your taste.


Of course, it is the first thing that needs to be sorted. It is one of the most common and widely-faced problems by people - not knowing how to arrange furniture in their living room. Arranging living room furniture is not just pushing a big sofa to the wall, placing two chairs on the opposite side and a centre table in the middle.

There is a lot more to it. Some factors to consider are the focal point, traffic flow, as in, how often and how many people would be using it at once, and conversation areas.

Area Rugs

Area rugs have the power to make the place look small or big. It is essential to choose the carpet carefully, along with its size, shape, pattern, and fiber. If the rug is too big, it might make the living room look smaller and congested.

Similarly, if it is small, it would look misfit and make the living room look empty. So, make sure to measure the area before going to buy a rug. All the furniture should be placed on top of the carpet. Further, make sure there is a gap of 10 - 20 inches between the wall and the rug.


Although investing in lights for the living room may not be so important as there is plenty of natural light from the windows, they would enhance the look of the room. One of the main factors to consider is the type of lighting.

There are three types such as task, ambiance, and accent. It is best to place the light sources at different places and levels in the room. The other consideration includes floor lamps, chandeliers, table lamps, and wall sconces. You could look for different types of lightings available on home accessories Singapore online.


The first thing to decide is whether you want to go for wall paint of a wallpaper. It is very important to choose the correct color with the right shade as it is something that is very noticeable and may change the entire look fo the living room if chosen wrong. Painting is inexpensive and hence can be selected at the end.