Sweet Name For Girl Friend

Bhavana Sharma, 26/12/2018
Sweet Name For Girl Friend

In these days 90% people is in relationship. And they call them with different names to please their partner.So everyone thinks of a new name. So that their partners are happy. Here is the list of some sweet name. If you are in relationship then follow this list for dedicate beautiful name of your partner.

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1- Sweetu
2- Baby
3- Betu
5- jaan
6- My love
7- My honey
8- My darling
9- Princes
10- Cutie
11- Honey
12- Baby Doll
13- Darling
14- Angel 
15- Barbie
16- Bestie
17- Beauty Queen
18- Blossoms
19- Cutie pie
20- Drama queen
21- Genie
22- Lollypop
23- Jalebi
24- Lover pie
25- Miss kitty
26- my heart
27- My life
28- My queen
29- Sexy
30- Bunny

I hope you like these names. Please share this with your friends.


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