Common Fridge problems and solutions

Bhavana Sharma, 17/12/2018
Common Fridge problems and solutions

How do you define a refrigerator? In simple terms? Well, as a homeowner, you can term it as an electronic appliance which works 24/7. And yes, it is required in urban homes to keep the prepared/unprepared food items fresh. So, don’t you think that it is mandatory to keep the appliance in top working condition? Yet, similar to an electronic appliance, even the fridge has components that can go on the malfunctioning mode and lead to repairs. In this article, we discuss the common fridge problems you can sort via the DIY method and times you have to hire a fridge repair expert.

Too Many Cycles

Is your refrigerator noisy? Then the appliance is going through many cycles. So, if it runs more, then the components can get damaged. You may not only have to hire a fridge repair technician, but also bear the expense to bring the appliance to normal working condition.

The reason, maybe the dust or fur of pets building up in the condenser coils. Do you want to use the DIY method? Then first switch off the fridge. You can locate the condenser coils at the bottom of the fridge. You can get access to these coils in the back or front. A vacuum cleaner is the best way to remove the build-up debris.

Another Reason

Kindly check if you have kept the fridge temperature at a low point. Then the fridge will have to work harder to cool its insides. In an extreme situation, it can also go the freeze mode. The result, if you have stored foods, they will get spoilt.

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Leakage of Water

Do you find water beneath the fridge? Then it is a common fridge problem which you can solve by the DIY method. There are two reasons for the occurrence.

The first is the defrost drain has become blocked. Usually, dirt or debris gets blocked in the drain hose. Then the result will be the formation of ice and water leakage from the refrigerator and freezer. For the DIY method, you can use warm water to remove the clogs. If it is too hard, then you can use a pipe cleaner.

The Other Reasons for Leakage of Water

There are chances that the water supply line may have suffered a block or gone frozen. Even in this situation, you can find water below the fridge. The production of ice also gets stopped from the icemaker. Also, check if the water supply line has suffered a damage. If it has, then the time has come for a replacement. It is advisable to hire the services of a fridge repair expert. The reason, he can also check if every part of this appliance is working fine. In case of minor problems, he can fix them before they turn to expensive repairs.

In the Freezer, You find a large amount of ice.

Did the freezer give the impression of a frost land? Then you need to look into the reasons to fix the problem.

The first reason is that someone has left the freezer door open for a long time. The humidity level has increased, and the result is frost and build-up of ice. If you do not have the doors close on their own, then the reason can be a damaged defrost timer.


The above mentioned are only two common problems associated with the fridge. Let us imagine, you need the services of a fridge repair technician. So, how you will find one? You can check if there are home maintenance companies in your town. These companies have qualified handyman professionals in their payrolls and offer doorstep services. You can download the app of the best company, and book a service at your own time. You can solve the fridge repair problem with ease via this method.

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Common Fridge problems and solutions

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How do you define a refrigerator? In simple terms? Well, as a homeowner, you can term it as an electronic appliance which works 24/7. And yes, it is required in urban homes to keep the prepared/unprepared food items fresh.


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