How to Use Social Media for SEO- Karsoo

Bhavana Sharma, 17/10/2018
How to Use Social Media for SEO- Karsoo

Social media is a very important factor to boost the SEO ofyour website. Social media platforms allow the users to engage with the brandon a more personal level and usually these platforms act as a great channel foradvertising and marketing your website/brand. You can leverage your website’scontent on social media by constantly updating your social media pages with thenew articles and creating a talking point with your followers online. All ofthis might seem a little too over the top and complicated for beginners, but itreally isn’t. While there are a lot of ProfessionalSEO services in India available, you can by yourself, use these 4 tipsand tricks on your social media platforms for boosting your website’s SEOprocess –


Optimize Your Social Media Profiles-

It is important to add a complete description of yourbrand/website in the ‘About’ section of the social media profiles. The key tohealthy SEO is to be as descriptive with the right keywords as possible. The‘category’ field of social media platforms like Pinterest and Facebook areoften overlooked. Ensure these are filled accurately along with your locationand addresses.

Use Pinterest-

Pinterest as a platform is very visual and is the best wayto ensure you receive traffic on your website. Here, users pin up theirfavorite posts on their virtual boards so that they can keep coming back toread these posts. On clicking the post, the user is directed to the website. Alot of brands use this platform to ensure regular traffic on their website. Theimage content you put up on Pinterest needs to be in sync with the web pagecontent you are going to be linking. Ensure you are using the right hash tagson your post so that users can find your posts while browsing Pinterest. Mostbloggers prefer using Pinterest over Facebook and Twitter as here, the usersare directly sent to the website on click.

Regular Updating-

Ensure all your social media pages are regularly updatedwith the content from your website so that your fans and followers are inconstant loop of your activities. The usage of right keywords and hash tags inthe posts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is very important as well. Thisensures that users keep coming back to your social media pages for fresh content.There are highly skilled agencies which provide SEO Services in India that ensure allyour social media content is regularly updated.

Create Searchable and Shareable Content-

your website content needs to be unique and shareable toencourage people to visit your website. Not just that, the copy used in yoursocial media posts needs to have the search keywords and should be fun andcreative. It needs to urge the user to share it with his friends. These days,social media posts also show up in the Google search pages, so it is importantto ensure you have used the right keywords to make your content searchable byeveryone.

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