Top 5 Super hit Bollywood Movies of 2018.

Bhavana Sharma, 02/01/2019
Top 5 Super hit Bollywood Movies of 2018.

Here Is the list of top 5 super hit bollywood movies of 2018. This list is based on Public review, rating, and votes. I will consider these Movies that has highest percentage of rating. Check the whole list below-
1- Sanju-
Sanju is a biopic of the dubious existence of performer Sanjay Dutt: his movie vocation, imprison sentence and individual life.
This movie rating is 8.1. 
Actor- Ranveer kapoor

2- Padmavat-
Set in medieval Rajasthan, Queen Padmavati is hitched to a respectable lord and they live in a prosperous stronghold with their subjects until the point that a yearning Sultan knows about Padmavati's magnificence and structures an over the top love for the Queen of Mewar. This movie rating is 8.5.
Actress- Deepika Padukone

3- Raazi-
A Kashmiri lady consents to wed a Pakistani armed force officer so as to keep an eye on Pakistan amid the Indo-Pakistan War of 1971. This movie get 7.8 Rating.This is the best movie Ever.
Actress- Alia Bhatt

4- Parmanu-
A look at India's second confidential nuclear test series at Pokhran led by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, during the time of PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee's tenure.This movie rating is 7.8.
Actor- John Abraham

5-  Padman-
Upon realizing the extent to which women are affected by their menses, a man sets out to create a sanitary pad machine and to provide inexpensive sanitary pads to the women of rural India.Rating is 8.1.
Actor- Akhay kumar

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