5 Ways to Stay Fit as you Age

Bhavana Sharma, 07/02/2019
5 Ways to Stay Fit as you Age

As you age, your body can start to give up on you. This does not mean that you will necessarily get sick, but with old age the impacts of leading an unhealthy life start to show. Firstly, treating your body right throughout your life is important, but more care needs to be taken as you grow older. Your body can no longer work overtime to supplement your unhealthy habits and you also become more prone to sickness. It becomes important as you age to pay special attention to your health in order to give yourself a chance at a healthy happy life.

Mental Health- 

Statistics have shown that as you age, you get more prone to mental health illnesses. You might feel a disconnect from younger generations and may be distanced from people your own age. It is important to build a healthy support system around yourself, people whom you can have actual conversations with. A lot of elderly people take a self-sacrificing attitude and feel like a burden on their families. However, finding things that make you personally happy will go a long way in having a stable mental health and therefore a healthy body. You cannot rely on others for your own mental health. Having a routine that is filled with activities that would make you feel productive, as well as activities that you would enjoy is important. Old age is no reason why your approach to life should change. Acting in accordance with the youth you feel in your heart is the best way to ensure that your body remains youthful too.  Here is a list of brain games that you will find interesting.

Maintaining agility

Feeding your brain is equally important, if not more important, to maintaining bodily health. Learning a new language or taking a random history class, or anything else that excites you, is a great way to keep your mind sharp. If you have young family members who are learning something new that you aren’t acquainted with, it is a good idea to try and learn it yourself and then discuss it with your family member. This way not only will you feed your mind but also you will build new connections with your 

activities that you can follow.Enjoyment is key not just to consistency but also to your mental health.

Fostering strength

Strength training is very important as you grow older. You could do something as simple as body weight training and strengthening the muscles that stabilize your joints. Exercising your hip muscles, knees, shoulders etc, can be the difference between you having to get a replacement surgery or not. Bodily weakness and stiffness is what makes us prone to illness as we age therefore fostering strength is key to a healthy life.  An easy way to start excerising is to walk everyday. Thanks to treadmills, walking can be done inside the safety of your home while watching TV. Here is a list of the best treadmills that you can buy for home use.

Ultimately, a positive state of mind and a healthy attitude to life is really all you need to stay fit as you age. You may not understand laughter clubs as a kid but as you grow older you see their importance in maintaining friendships as you age, maintaining your mental health and having routine in life. Do what excites you and the rest will be fine!


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