8 Stunningly Beautiful Foreign Like Places In India

Bhavana Sharma, 28/11/2018
8 Stunningly Beautiful Foreign Like Places In India

Did you know there were foreign like places in India you could visit? Not all of us have the luxury of time or money to travel to beautiful places across the world on a whim. Luckily for us, we can explore some of the several Indian destinations that look like international destinations. While you may have visited cosmopolitan cities such as New Delhi, Kolkata, or Hyderabad, do something offbeat this trip and visit one or two of these foreign like places in India.

Foreign like dream places to visit in India:

This remarkable country is home to some of the most beautiful foreign like places. This is one of the many things that set India apart from the world. Take a look at these amazing foreign like cities in India we’ve listed below and find which ones you’d like to visit first. Book last minute flights if you have to and come explore some of these stunning locales.

1. Alleppey, Venice of the East

One of the most stunning destinations in Kerala, Alleppey is absolutely delightful to visit. Called Venice of the East owing to its resemblance to the beautiful Venice, Alleppey is also a popular honeymoon destination in India. With the main means of transportation being waterways between two houses, this is the best place for water lovers to be. Taking a houseboat ride on the remarkable backwaters of this gorgeous destination is among the must-do things when in Alleppey.

2. Kashmir, Switzerland of India

There are very few places like Kashmir in the world home to such indescribable, bountiful beauty. Expect to be greeted by snowcapped mountains, lush green hills, picturesque valleys, and much more on a visit to Kashmir - one of the most stunning foreign like places in India. The exceptionally beautiful place is an absolute paradise for snow and nature lovers. It offers attractions for all types of tourists - be it families, friends, or honeymooning couples.

3. Mumbai, Miami of the 80’s

Mumbai is known for its fast-paced lifestyle, glitzy film and glamor industry, progressive economy, and a ‘shady underworld’ spoken of in whispers. If you study these carefully, Mumbai will remind you of what Miami used to be in the 80’s. This is probably the most offbeat foreign like places in India on our list. But it’s also among the most intriguing ones. There are few places in the world as interesting as Mumbai to explore. A trip to Mumbai is definitely worth booking economy or business class flights for.

4. Coorg, Scotland of India

The picturesque hill station of Coorg located in Karnataka is among the most stunning foreign like places in India to explore. Visit Coorg if you wish to look at some of the most exquisite Scottish landscape. Home to lush green meadows and fields that seem to stretch endlessly, Coorg’s beauty is strikingly similar to that of Scotland. Explore its gorgeous natural landscape at a leisurely pace and experience the thrilling feeling of having visited Scotland itself!

5. Kasol, Mini Israel

Nature lovers must visit Kasol at least once in their lifetime. This stunning place is called Mini Israel owing to the large number of Israeli visitors it welcomes every year. They are mostly those who come down for a break once they finish their term in the IDF (Israeli Defence Force). There is a major Israeli influence to be seen here. In fact, even the local cuisine has been influenced by Israeli flavors. No matter which time of the year you visit, expect to run into a group of Israelis at some point on your trip.

6. Malana, Little Greece

Most of the residents of Malana believe they are descendants of Greek soldiers of Alexander the Great’s army. They have a similar upper and lower house system. But that’s about where the similarity ends. However, the remarkable beauty of Malana cannot be underrated. The vast expanse of lush greenery, rolling hills, and stunning valleys are a combination few nature lovers can resist. It’s the perfect getaway for travelers looking to take a break from the noise and routine of busy city life.

7. Pondicherry, India’s French Town

Visit Pondicherry, one of the most beautiful foreign like places in India. Marvel at the stunning architecture of the town influenced by the French, Portuguese, and Dutch who came ashore long ago. You will be amazed how seamlessly Tamil houses transition into French villas. Even the cuisine here is a mixture of both Tamil and French influences. When you’ve done exploring Pondicherry, you can also pay a visit to Chennai just about 156 km away.

8. Rann of Kutch, Salt Flats of India

Akin to the salt flats of Utah, Rann of Kutch in Gujarat is home to incredible and vast expanse of salt marshes. This stunning white desert is gorgeous to behold and fascinating to explore making this one of the most amazing foreign like places in India. There is an annual fair held here called the Rann Utsav which is incredible to be a part of. If you attend this fair, you will know about the culture of Gujarat on a much deeper level. Also, explore Ahmedabad in case you have time to spare on your trip.

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