Which Places Is Best To Visit In Assam For 5 Days Trip

Bhavana Sharma, 14/02/2019
Which Places Is Best To Visit In Assam For 5 Days Trip

Assam is a place perfect for nature lovers. It has wonderful places to visit and enjoy the wonderful creation of nature. Though Assam may be having many places to visit yet few of them are best. If you are on a trip for 5 days to Assam, then these are a few places which you should visit.

Check out the essentialities for your Assam trip As you reach Assam you land in Guwahati, so start with the Kamakhya temple, which is a famous temple all over the country. Also, go around this city of lights which is the fastest growing cosmopolitan city in North East. It is situated on the sides of the Brahmaputra River and shilling valleys on other sides, Guwahati is a wonderful place to visit. Kaziranga National park, bamuni lake, Umananda temple are some of the attractions in this place.

Visit the city of Tezpur which is situated on the bank f the river Brahmaputra. This city is called as the city of Eternal romance as the love story of Usha, daughter of King Baana and Anirudha, Grandson of Lord Krishna, were revolved at this place. Benny hills, Mahabhairab temple, Agnigarh, cole park are some attractions at this place.Plan this day at the shilling, Meghalaya. This is a good place when you are on a short trip to Assam. Visit the cheranpunjee and Dawki while on the Meghalaya trip. They are just Stunning place with mesmerizing natural and scenic beauty. Silchar is another renowned city of the Assam which is on the bank of the Barak River.

Visit the Barak valley which is more like a dreamland with lush green meadow, tea garden, and the Barak river. Places like the Khaspur, Bhuban temple, salganga, Badarpur fort are among the famous places to visit in Assam. If you are here at Monsoon then trying out the fresh Lakhimpur pineapple. On the last day as you have to go back from Guwahati, so just try out ferry ride on the

Brahmaputra River. Visit the Umanada temple which is situated mid of the Brahmaputra River. Also, the Orang national park can be a great choice on the northern bank of the Brahmaputra River.Hope this guide will help you save time for packing.

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